4 Tips for Planning Your Baby's First Birthday Party

Planning your baby’s first birthday is fun and exciting! You’ve made it through all the late nights and the wondrous newborn baby smell has almost worn off. Your little one is blossoming and is about to turn one — how is that even possible? A first birthday party is unlike any other, so here are some tips to help you plan an epic first birthday for your child.


1. Choose a Colour Scheme
To get started, you’ll want to choose a colour scheme or theme for your party — this can help you pick or create invitations that match the event's vibe. Digital invitations are a budget-friendly and sustainable option that allows you to personalize through your phone or laptop.

You can send them through text, email or share invites on social media. The colour scheme or theme you choose provides details about your action plan and can help you begin the planning process.

2. Form a Budget
Now, you’ll want to create your budget. Where are you going to have the party? What food will you provide for guests? Do you want to include games or activities for kids or adults? These are all questions you’ll want to ask yourself when creating your budget so you can allocate funds for everything you want to include.

If you start planning early, you can save money by finding deals on what you want. Early planning also offers insight into where you can splurge and save. Ensure you adjust the budget if you get something cheaper or more expensive than expected.

3. Use Minimal Decor
While you may want to go all out planning your baby’s first birthday bash, you may want to reconsider. Consider all the money you’ve spent on toys when your baby is just as happy playing with pots and pans that you have in the kitchen — the same concept applies. Sure, you’ll want the photos of this party forever and you want your baby to have a great time. But you don’t need much to make that happen.

Invest in making a cute backdrop for your little one to sit in front of and smash their cake. Cake smashing is always a hit and can be the highlight of your party. You can use balloons, bubbles and a plain-colored wall for an aesthetically pleasing backdrop you will treasure for years. Make the buffet table look cute with minimal decor like a fancy tablecloth, a cupcake stand and a few figurines.

4. Create an Itinerary
An itinerary can help you stay on track on the big day and let everyone know what’s expected of them. The last thing you want is for people to hang out after the party when you’re exhausted and your baby is ready for a nap. Unless they want to stay and help you clean up, let everyone know when departure is expected.

You’ll want to plan the time of the party around your baby’s naptime, but sometimes that can prove challenging. Try to ensure the baby is fed and rested for their big debut. You can plan your timeline for something like thirty minutes of free play while the adults chat, one hour for food, presents and the cake, then another half hour of play while some people talk and some depart. Two hours is the perfect time for a first birthday party.

Celebrating the One-Year Milestone
Make sure you stay flexible during this first birthday extravaganza. You’ve probably already started learning how to roll with the punches, as life with a baby is anything but predictable. Take the time to stand back and cherish this moment with your little one — it flies by faster than you could ever imagine.

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