Get through the finals period with these comfort tips and tricks

January and February are the months where everything feels a little harder. Getting back to work after the holidays is no fun for anyone, but for students, the months also bring the finals period closer. A period of exams and deadlines where night and day blend together and coffee is every students’ best friend. This stressful period is short, but it can easily take a toll on anyone, so we’ve come prepared with some tips on how to relax and go through this period in a healthy way. Read along and get ready to study like a pro and pass all your exams.


Productive breaks
An effective way to manage the stress of finals is to add productive breaks into your study routine. It’s very important to avoid the well talked about burnout so you should plan some breaks to recharge your mind. Whether you go for activities that are more active, such as taking a short walk or doing a workout, or you take a break for enjoying a quick snack, it’s important to take these breaks. By adding them into your daily routine, you will learn to refresh your mind and also be more productive, having a healthy balance between work and self-care.

Comfy outfits
During the finals period, comfort is key, and that applies to what you wear as well. While studying all day, you want to choose comfy outfits that make the whole process easier. Soft loungewear, cosy woollen sweaters as these and comfortable shoes are all great options whether you’re studying at home or at the library. Feeling relaxed and comfortable in your outfit will make sure that your study sessions are not cut short because of small factors such as discomfort. And these comfy pieces also look very stylish, so your confidence will be boosted as well.

In order to fight the stress that comes with finals, exercising is a very easy and effective way to clear your mind. Whether it's a quick workout, a yoga session, or a short walk, physical activity will help you take a break, recharge your focus and reduce the stress and tension you’re under. Schedule some short active breaks during your study session and enjoy the benefits they bring. This is a good way to use your breaks and will help you in any stressful period whether at work, uni or just life.

Good sleep
We’ve all been there, pulled the all-nighter and…missed the exam. While studying is important, make sure you have a healthy sleep schedule so you don’t overdo it. You still need to prioritize quality sleep so avoid late night study sessions and leaving everything for the night before the exam. Make sure you go to the exam prepared and well-rested so you can focus and show your knowledge.

*Collaborative post