Friday, 25 September 2020

Why Solid Wood Flooring is a great choice for your child's bedroom

Solid wood flooring provides many benefits in your home. Not only is it practical and long lasting but it also creates a beautiful and timeless effect throughout. Whilst you may consider solid wood flooring to be suitable for the living areas of your home, it can also be just as effective in the bedrooms. For your children's bedrooms, this is the ideal choice for a variety of reasons.

Suitable for changing tastes
A solid wood flooring looks simply perfect in your new baby's nursery. It can perfectly compliment the nursery furniture and typical pastel themes many opt for in a baby's bedroom. As your child grows up, the decor of the room will certainly be changed and what is wonderful about solid wood flooring is that it can be teamed with a variety of different styles and tastes. It certainly won't clash with any fun or unusual colour combinations.


Hygienic and easy to clean
A solid wood floor is much more hygienic than a carpet. Whereas carpets can be host to a range of different parasites, a solid wood floor can be kept dust and germ free with ease. Cleaning a carpet is quite a big job and so it is unlikely to be one you will do very regularly, whereas a solid wood floor can be wiped daily, keeping it spotless. For children that crawl and play in their rooms, a solid wood floor will provide them with a clean and hygienic area in which to do so. Over the years there will be occasions when your child is unwell, doesn't quite make the toilet in time or spills drinks for example, and so by having a solid wood floor, these incidents can be cleaned up with ease.

Long lasting and highly durable
A solid wood floor will stand the test of time in your child's bedroom. It is highly durable and can resist many years of footfall and play. Any scrapes and scratches that may occur, although unlikely, can be treated and repaired easily. 


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Friday, 18 September 2020

Why Solid Wood Flooring is the ideal choice for your family home

There's no denying it, as wonderful as family life can be, it can certainly put a strain on your home's interior. Whilst, one day you may look back with fondness at the times your little ones made grubby handprints on the walls, it can certainly take a bit of maintenance to keep your home looking its best in the here and now! There are many ways to ensure your home is more child-proof; buying sofas with washable covers or opting for easy-to-clean paint for the walls, for example. But by and far, one of the best options to help your home stand the family test of time is to invest in a quality solid wood flooring. Here are just a few reasons why solid wood flooring is the ideal choice for your family home.


It's durable and long lasting
Solid wood flooring is cut from one piece of wood making it incredibly durable. It is long lasting and will need minimum maintenance to keep it looking its best.

It's easy to clean
Solid wood flooring needs only a simple brush and wipe to keep it clean and free from dirt and grime. This is ideal for families with children especially when your little ones are small and more likely to drop and spill food and drink items. Solid wood floors are more hygienic than carpets.

Health benefits
Ensuring your floors are easy to clean has great health benefits. Whereas carpets are home to an array of parasites, your solid wood floors can be kept spotless. This will give great piece of mind especially for when your children are crawling and playing on the floor.


Timeless and stylish
As your children grow, different trends will come and go. Your personal preferences for the style and decor of your home may change as the years pass and whilst you may change the colour themes and furniture in your home, your solid wood floor will remain a much loved feature of your home, complimenting any trend you desire. A solid wood floor will look beautiful in your child's nursery whilst also supporting any style they opt for in their bedrooms throughout the teenage years.

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Thursday, 10 September 2020

Surviving the first few weeks with a newborn!

Congratulations, your little one is finally in your arms! As blissful as these early days can be, they can also be a bit of a blur. The first few days and weeks are all about survival as you get to know your new baby, begin to heal from the birth and settle into your role as a new mum. There are many products out there to help you during the first few weeks and here are a few of my favourites! 


Palmer's have some wonderful products for mums and babies. I used their products throughout my pregnancy to keep stretch marks at bay and keep my skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. Their range for babies includes their Baby Butter, Baby Oil and Nursing Butter. The Baby Butter which contains cocoa butter and aloe, is gentle enough for daily use and leaves baby's skin moisturised and soft. The Baby Oil is enriched with natural oils, cocoa butter and Vitamin E to help to protect baby's delicate skin. The Nursing Butter, which is a combination of cocoa butter and Panthenol, is designed for breastfeeding mothers, helping to soothe sore and cracked nipples. To find out more and explore the fabulous range, just click here.



Pregnancy and childbirth can cause a weakened pelvic floor which can result in urinary incontinence or urgency. Sanature incontinence pads help to keep you secure and comfortable. They are made with 100% cotton, allowing skin to breathe as well as leaving you feeling dry and protected. Their sanitary pads are also perfect for postpartum bleeding. Find out more here.


Natural Birthing company

I love the range from Natural Birthing Company. Their products are designed and developed by midwives, aromatherapists and chemists so you can be confident that they are carefully tailored for use during pregnancy and following the birth of your baby. They contain naturally derived ingredients and help to relieve common pregnancy and postpartum symptoms. The Mama's Moments Maternity Kit has everything you need for this exciting time including Cool It Mama; a cooling body spritz which is just so refreshing to use during pregnancy, labour and for life as a new mum! It also includes breastfeeding oils, a wonderful postnatal compress solution, a perineal massage solution and two organic flannels!  Explore the range and find out more here!
Mama's Moments


Modibodi provide sustainable, reusable and effective underwear that replaces the need for disposable products such as pads, tampons, incontinence pads and panty liners. They use high quality fabrics with breathable, antimicrobial fibres with their own Modifier Technology™ and Modifier Air Technology™ to prevent against stains, leaks and odours. For both pregnancy and the postnatal period, Modibodi underwear is the ideal solution to help protect you from any leaks and keep you feeling comfortable. They even have a new detachable bikini which has a clasp at the side to ensure you can easily remove it and change when out and about. They can be washed, dried and reused meaning they are much more environmentally friendly than disposable products and more comfortable too! Find out more here!

SEAMS Couturiers Hand Cream

When you have a new baby, you will suddenly find yourself washing your hands a whole lot more (and especially during the current climate!) which can result in hands becoming dry, sore and cracked. SEAMS hand cream helps to keep skin moisturised, Its carefully crafted formula leaves hands feeling soft, supple and smooth. It is enriched with shea butter, rosehip oil and oat beta-glutan. It smells divine too! Find out more here!

SEAMS hand cream

The Positive Planner

Looking after your mental health and well-being is vital during pregnancy and the postnatal period. As wonderful as the motherhood journey is, with it comes a whole host of emotions and feelings. One minute you're deliriously happy and the next minute you can be crying from exhaustion. It's certainly not easy and that's why it is important to make sure you are taking care of yourself. The Positive Planner is one way you can manage your mental well-being. It has sections dedicated to daily reflections and mindfulness activities and offers positive and inspirational quotes. It also helps you to plan and manage your time effectively, offering organisational extras such as meal planners and shopping lists. This beautiful journal will help assist, support and lift you during this special time. Find out more here!

The Positive Planner

*I was kindly gifted these items in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

My Birth Story

After convincing myself that this baby would definitely arrive a couple of weeks early, he certainly kept us waiting! My due date came and went and I tried all the usual tricks to get him to budge; pineapple, hot curries, bouncing on the birth ball etc, to no avail. I even had three different midwives attempt to give me a sweep but baby just wasn't ready to come out and so an induction was booked for when I was 12 days late. A couple of days before this date I went up to the hospital for a forth and final attempt at a sweep and this time, the midwife actually managed it! As I left the hospital I could already feel some strong cramps beginning and so I was sure that this time, baby would absolutely be here by the morning! 

That evening, I started getting contractions. These lasted throughout the night but a pattern didn't emerge. Sometimes they would be three minutes apart and sometimes as many as eight. At some point, they stopped and I must have fallen asleep because I woke up the next day with baby still in the same place it had been the night before! It looked like an induction was definitely on the cards. 

The following evening, the contractions once again started but this time I strongly suspected it was the real thing. They felt stronger, more powerful and with each one my whole body started to shake; something I remembered happening with my last labour. And so it was off to the hospital we went! 

When we arrived, my waters went in the car park. That was a strange experience! I then waddled up to the ward where I met the midwife. She did an internal examination and advised that as I was only three centimetres dilated, she recommended that we went home, relaxed for a while and came back when the contractions were two minutes apart. I will be honest, I really didn't want to go home. The contractions were feeling really strong and I suspected it wouldn't be too long until baby made an appearance. I didn't much fancy being too far away from the hospital (or the gas and air!) so I asked her if there was any way we could stay and she said if we preferred, we could have a little walk around the hospital for a bit. 

We left the ward and went outside to find a bench. I started to feel a bit chilly and there was a couple having a barney on the other bench which was killing my relaxed vibe so we decided to go and sit in the car for a while. As weird as this may seem and despite being in labour, this was actually quite a relaxing and special time. There was a huge full moon which I focused on each time I had a contraction and I also made sure I breathed through each one using the methods I had learnt in my hypnobirthing books. 

I had planned to do a hypnobirthing course when I found out I was pregnant. My first labour and birth had not been easy at all- I felt a little traumatised by the experience if I'm honest and this left me nervous and anxious about giving birth for a second time. Although the second labour and birth had largely gone to plan, I'd felt tense and scared which I have no doubt made the pain significantly worse. I vowed that if I was ever lucky enough to have a third baby, I would look into hypnobirthing as I'd read such wonderful things about it. However, before I could actually book the course, the pandemic happened, my business was forced to close and so I made the decision that I would be better not parting with the money. It was certainly disappointing but I decided to read up as much as I could about hypnobirthing. Through these books, I learnt some pretty invaluble tips in how to keep calm, feel empowered and create a positive birth experience. While I didn't use every technique the books suggested, my third and final labour was truly a beautiful experience and I honestly feel this is largely down to the hypnobirthing techniques I used and I will forever be recommending it to any mums to be! 

Back to the car- the contractions were now coming thick and fast and with each one I breathed through it using the breathing techniques found in the books. This might sound an obvious thing to do but when we are in pain we can often tense up and hold our breath- I'm sure I did this with my other labours. I can't claim the pain is less by doing this, but it definitely helps you stay in control, feel relaxed and helps remove the fear from the situation and it is this that makes the pain feel more manageable. After just one an hour, the contractions were two minutes apart and it was time to go back up to the ward! 

This time, I was officially in established labour and so I was able to stay on the ward and have gas and air (hurrah!) The midwife asked if I would like to try the birthing pool so I decided to give it a try. I wasn't sure I would like it to be honest so I remember feeling a bit guilty that she took nearly an hour to fill it up! However, it was so good to get into the water. The heat instantly helped with the pain and the water supported the weight of my bump. The midwife had set up some spa lights in the room and my husband found us a radio station with some great rock tunes. It was hard not to be relaxed! 

After a while, the contractions were coming in thick and fast and were really strong. At this point, my breathing techniques went out the window as rather than breathing in for 4 seconds and out for 8, I was sucking in the gas and air for as long as I possibly could. Before I knew it, these deep and intense contractions were replaced by the urge to push. It's a little bit of a blur now but after some time pushing, our baby boy emerged into the water. I don't think he realised he had been born as he didn't cry which caused me a moment of panic. The midwife gave him a little rub and he made a beautiful little cry. He was finally here! 


After the birth I enjoyed some skin to skin cuddles and some tea and toast (I may or may not have called the lady that bought it to me a magical tea and toast fairy)! After a while I was moved to another room and at this point my husband had to go home. As it was only the early hours of the morning, I probably should have slept but I kept staring at our new baby boy and breathing in that intoxicating newborn smell! 

And so there you have it, my third (and final!) labour and birth story. Would I do it all over again? In a heartbeat. I mean I won't (as there would be a husband shaped hole in the wall) but I would. 💕


If you are interested in hypnobirthing, I have linked the two books I used below.

Monday, 7 September 2020

Lunch Time Annabell- A Review

Is there anything more adorable than seeing your little ones pretending to be Mummy or Daddy? We were recently sent a Lunch Time Annabell doll to review and my boys have really enjoyed exploring the different features that the doll has to offer. The doll can can eat, drink gurgle, cry and even use the potty!

The doll is soft and cuddly. It is a lifelike in size and has a slight weight to it, just like a newborn. It comes with a cute little outfit which includes trousers, a top, a bib and a hat. 

Baby Annabell

The doll can be fed by feeding her the food chips off the spoon. There are a variety of different food chips; my four year old especially liked discussing the different food options he could feed her. The doll accepts the food by opening her mouth and making eating noises and closes her mouth once she has had enough. The food chips are collected in a handy storage drawer in her back so that they can all be used again. It's worth noting that the food chips are quite small so you would need to be mindful of the potential choking risk for younger children.

Baby Annabell

The doll also accepts a bottle and makes cute little sucking noises! 

Baby Annabell

One of the boys' favourite things about the doll is the fact you can pop her on the potty and she will do a poo (what child wouldn't love this!?)
To make the doll poo, you firstly need to place some of the chips with poo stickers on into a compartment in her back. When she is on the potty, you press her tummy and out come the poo chips (along with some funny straining sounds)! This feature certainly amused the boys!  

Baby Annabell potty

My boys enjoyed playing with Baby Annabell and said they were practicing for when they have to feed their new baby brother! The doll is fun to play with and the interactive features are easy to navigate. It's a thumbs up from us! 

Baby Annabell

For more information just click here!

*We were kindly gifted this product in exchange for an honest review.
Saturday, 5 September 2020

Embracing outdoor play this summer!

As any parent will be aware, children have bundles of energy! My boys are little whirlwinds. A day spent indoors will ensure they are bouncing off the walls by bedtime and so come rain or shine we encourage them to play outdoors. During lockdown it has certainly been a challenge to keep them entertained and with some restrictions still in place for activities and events we have been trying to make the most of our garden and any outdoor space available to us like parks and fields.

If you're looking for some inspiration in keeping your children entertained outdoors this summer then look no further than with these ideas for encouraging outdoor play!


Scooters and bikes 
Children love to ride about. It's a great way for them to burn off some energy, have fun and develop and master new skills. Scooters and bikes can help develop strength, coordination and balance!

Art area
By setting up an outdoor area with an easel and paints or by providing your children with a pack of chalks to decorate the patio with, you can encourage them to get creative whilst ensuring they are getting a good dose of fresh air at the same time. It also means you don't need to worry about paint on the carpets and walls! 

A Playhouse 
We were extremely lucky last year to have been gifted a little playhouse from some friends of friends after their children outgrew it. My boys have spent many happy hours playing in it pretending it's their home or making dens which is great for imaginative play. It also means they can stay nice and dry when it starts to drizzle!

Games area
Why not create an area where your children can develop their skills and confidence in a variety of games? This doesn't have to be expensive. Simply provide them with a ball to kick about and some makeshift goals and they will have endless fun. You could also 
provide them with some rackets and shuttlecocks or balls to play with. They will be pros in no time!

Sand and Water area
My little ones love playing with their sand and water table (it's been the closest thing we've had to a beach this year!) Sand and water tables can be purchased relatively cheaply or can even be made if you have the DIY skills. On hot and sunny days, bringing out the paddling pool is also the ultimate treat!

A trampoline
One of the best things we have ever purchased for the boys has been a trampoline. They use it most days and it's a wonderful way to burn off all that excess energy.

Do you have any tips or ideas for encouraging outdoor play? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Swaddleme Whisper Quiet Swaddle: A review

As a new parent you will instinctively want to keep your newborn calm, settled and relaxed but it isn't always easy. One way of ensuring your baby feels safe and comforted is by swaddling them. Swaddling can help calm your baby, preventing them from waking unnecessarily due to the startle reflex. It can help them to feel snug and secure, just as they felt in the womb. We were kindly sent some SwaddleMe Whisper Quiet Swaddles courtesy of Summer Infant to try with our brand new baby boy! 

We were sent stage 1 swaddles which are suitable for newborn babies and babies that can not yet roll. The swaddles are beautifully soft featuring gentle designs. They have a clever easy-change zipper which enables you to change your baby's nappy without unswaddling them. The swaddle has a t-shape design helping you to quickly and efficiently swaddle your baby. The baby's legs are firstly placed in the leg pocket. Their arms are then placed by their sides then the left wing is wrapped over baby's arms and torso. Finally the right wing is wrapped over the left wing and under baby's back for a secure fit.

I was amazed at how calm my baby was when I put him in one of the swaddles. He happily lay there having a good look round which was lovely to observe. Often when he is awake he likes to suck for comfort but the swaddle obviously served to comfort him as he didn't cry or require settling during the time I had placed him in the swaddle.

The easy-change zipper was so handy. Any new parent will know just how often babies seem to require a nappy change and this function ensures that you don't have to risk unsettling your baby by unswaddling them for a nappy change. 

The swaddle is delightfully soft, it is well made and wonderful quality. My little one loved it and it is great to know there is an extra way I can help to comfort him when he is unsettled.

For more information on swaddling just click here.

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Reading Champion 30 book collection from books2door

There is nothing more rewarding than helping your child to develop a passion for reading. Books can open your child's mind to whole new world of possibilities from the real to the fantastical, enabling them to have amazing adventures or learn fascinating facts from the comfort of their own home! I've been keen to introduce my little boys to the wonderful world of reading from an early age and so I've always endeavoured to provide them with access to books and to read regularly to them.

Encouraging children to read isn't always easy. They can easily lose interest in a particular book if for example, the vocabulary and sentence structures are too complicated for their current understanding. They may also lose interest if the illustrations do not grab their attention or serve to accurately reflect the story. They may also struggle with a book if it deals with subjects and situations unfamiliar to them.

This month we have been delighted to be reviewing the Reading Champions Developing Readers 30 Book Collection courtesy of Books2door. This collection of books has been developed by Reading Champion who work alongside UCL Institute of Education (IOE). The result is a series of books which has the aim of supporting and enriching children's learning experience. The set is divided into individual reading bands, organised for different levels of difficulty. The series begins with the Orange Level 6 suitable for children aged 5+ and ends with the White Level 10 for those aged 7 years and over. 



The books have been carefully crafted to encourage children to successfully read the books. Each book uses clear sentence structures and vocabulary suited to the age and understanding of the child. They use natural language patterns and use familiar and common settings and situations that children will be able to relate to or identify, helping them to understand and engage with the story.

The books provide an assortment of different stories, characters and topics. Looking at the Orange Level 6 for example, the stories range from a tale about a dragon who keeps hiccupping to a story about a little boy and his dad who try to identify what or who has made particular footprints in the snow. The books feature bright and engaging illustrations on each page which further supports and encourages understanding of the story.


At the end of each book children are presented with 5 illustrations which are found within the book with the instruction to put the pictures in the right order. This helps children to further make sense of the story. The books also feature guidance and advice to parents in supporting their child's independent reading. It gives a summary of the story and offers parents a series of questions they can ask their child in regards to the book as well as offering tips on how to further extend their child's learning.

My boys were really excited to receive the books. My eldest son has really started to enjoy reading alone recently which is lovely to observe. He loves a collection of books and is keen to read every single one. His younger brother is due to start school this year so I'm looking forward to supporting him with these books as he begins to learn to read independently.

The Reading Champions Developing Readers 30 Book Collection is the ideal set for supporting children to learn to read. We loved it!

*We were kindly gifted these books in exchange for an honest review

Thursday, 20 August 2020

Quirk! and Pass the bomb- the big one by Gibson's Games- A review

Last month we were delighted to review the game Rockpool by Gibson's Games and this month the fun has continued as we have been exploring the games Quirk! and Pass the Bomb- The Big One both from Gibson's Games! So how did we get on?!


Quirk is a funny card card where players are encouraged to embrace their silly side by making funny sounds and actions to impersonate different characters. The aim of the game is to collect the most Quirks which is a set of three of the same cards. You can opt to play with easier cards- the white rimmed ones- which are ideal for younger players or to play the slightly harder set- the grey rimmed cards. You may also opt to play a mixture of the two. There are two different types of cards in the game; character cards and action cards. 


Three character cards are dealt to each player and then the remaining character cards are shuffled along with the action cards which are then placed face down on the table. When it is your turn, you can choose to either try and win a character card or steal someone's completed Quirk!

To win a character card from someone, you firstly pick a card from your own hand and then pick a player to try and win the same card from. Here's where the funny part comes in; you can't just ask for the card, you have to act it out. So for example, if your card was a pufferfish, you would have to find a way to act this out. You can make sounds too! If the other player has the card you are looking for, they hand it over to you. If they guess incorrectly, you keep quiet and take the card.


To steal a card, you can play one of the red Steal cards allowing you to steal someone's Quirk from the table. The other player can stop this action by playing a Block card. You can also stop someone asking you for a card by playing a Stop card. You can also add mischief to the game by adding the Mischief cards to the deck. If someone picks one of these cards from the deck it is activated immediately and affects all the players, for example players can only use sounds to ask for cards for one entire round! 

The game is over when all 13 Quirks have been placed on the table and the player with the most Quirks wins!

Quirk! is a funny game which caused lots of giggles. After all, who doesn't like to see their mummy acting like a pufferfish?! The game is suitable for 2 to 6 players and recommended age is 5+.

To find out more just click here


Pass The Bomb- The Big One

This is a fast-paced, frantic and exciting family game! The aim of the game is to solve tasks or think of an answer to a challenge swiftly, passing the time-bomb on to the next player before it detonates. If the bomb detonates whilst in your hand, you move your playing piece forward closer to the explosion in the centre of the board. The game ends when a player lands on the explosion and the player furthest away from the explosion at this point is the winner! 

Pass the Bomb

When it is your turn, you roll the die and start the time-bomb. The die will specify whether you must play a word challenge or a dexterity challenge. 

If you throw one of the three word challenges, you select a card from the relevant category and quickly come up with a word that meets the challenge criteria. Once you have, you can pass on the time-bomb!

Pass the Bomb

For the dexterity challenges, you are tasked with putting together a puzzle as quickly as possible as well as bouncing a ball into a cup. It's not easy with the threat of a time-bomb detonating! 

I really enjoyed playing this game and it was my favourite game out of the three I have reviewed. It is suitable for ages 8+. It is great for family fun and I'm confident it would also make a really fun game to play with friends one evening too!

For more information just click here.

For your chance to win one of these games, head over to my Instagram page! 

*Disclosure: We were kindly sent these games in exchange for an honest review! 

Monday, 17 August 2020

Explore with confidence this summer with Safe and Sound!

If there's one thing the recent lockdown has taught me, it's to never again take our freedom to explore the great oudoors for granted. At the start of lockdown, the UK was only permitted to exercise outdoors once a day and that, along with the anxiety of actually coming into contact with the virus meant that our excursions out the house with our boys often felt stifled, restricted and slightly rushed. Coupled with this, I was also pregnant with baby number three which meant that I wasn't able to walk as far or run after them. For two energetic boys, this has meant they haven't quite had the freedom and adventures they have been used to previously but luckily they have been able to explore and play in our garden. Now that restrictions have been considerably lifted (and baby number three has finally arrived!) it's meant that we have been able to have more adventures, more time outdoors and a lot more fun! 

It's been so wonderful to allow the children to once again explore their surroundings. My boys can be little whirlwinds; they have so much energy and need to be exercised daily (rather like Labradors!) One of their favourite places to go is to a field near our house. Once there, they run, spin in circles, hide in the grass, race each other and roll down the slopes. The actual walk would probably only take 15 minutes in total but it always takes us the best part of an hour to get there. This is because on the way there they stop every few minutes to climb a tree, jump over tree roots, splash in the stream, swing from branches, catch bugs and a whole host of other shenanigans that can cause my heart to miss a beat. Boys will be boys!


As fun as it is for them to have such adventures, the downside is that they run the risk of bumps and scrapes. Whilst it can be tempting to wrap them in cotton wool, bumps and scrapes are all part of being a child and certainly not a reason to discourage their activities. 

Expecting, rather than completely preventing minor bumps and scrapes means that as a parent I can prepare myself for when this does happen. One way of doing this is to ensure I always carry a little kit to deal with any little cuts and grazes. 

Safe and Sound

What's in my mini first aid kit?


My boys love sporting a plaster and proudly present it to anyone and everyone! They enjoy picking one from the box, especially if it has a character or picture on the front like these plasters from Safe and Sound; my boys love the dinosaur ones! They are washproof, suitable for delicate skin and help to aid the natural healing process. 


Antiseptic spray

To prevent against infection, antiseptic spray is a must have in my mini first aid kit. A simple spray to the wound can prevent against further pain and complications occurring from it. It can soothe minor skin irritations including cuts, grazes, insect bites, minor burns and scalds

Hand gel

I always carry hand gel in my bag. I think it stems from my nursing days but in these times, it's never seemed quite as vital to have a bottle to hand at all times. It serves to effectively leave hands germ free. When dealing with my boys cuts and scrapes if we are out and about, a squirt of hand gel ensures my hands are clean so that I can attend to the wound. 

Foaming hand sanitiser

This also helps to keep hands free from harmful bacteria and germs. My boys like using this as it creates a foam which they love the feel of. There are always giggles when this comes out! It is gentle on delicate skin and also contains aloe vera! 

hand sanitiser

Ensuring I have these items to hand not only gives me peace of mind but actively helps to keep germs and infections at bay so that we can concentrate on having happy family adventures again! 

For more information or to explore the range from Safe and Sound, just click here

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