Reviewing Bambo Nature Nappies

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review Bambo Nature nappies this month. I can honestly say that I was really impressed. Now, I’m fussy with nappies. I like them to be soft, thin and light, to have tags that stretch well to secure the fit and I also like those tags to be relatively soft to prevent them digging in to the baby’s skin. I don’t like them to have a chemical smell nor do I like the design to be too garish as it can show through their clothes. It’s safe to say that I’m hard to please! But I found that these nappies really measured up.


Firstly, the fit was great. There were no gaping parts that could cause a leak, nor did I feel I had to overstretch the tags in order to fit the nappy correctly. My son seemed settled and happy so was obviously comfortable. The nappies were thin and light which I loved as I definitely avoid the bulky nappies on the market. The absorbency was fantastic; no leaks and the nappies didn't feel wet to touch after he'd been in them for a little while so I knew they were protecting his skin. What I noticed straight away is that the nappies had no chemical smell which I find is really rare in most brands and this reflects the fact that the nappies are environmentally friendly and free from chemicals. The design was cute, not overly bright, yet it wasn’t dull. So for me, the Bambo Nature nappies, tick every box. Now, they are more expensive than some brands but you’re paying for a high quality product and one that is ethically sourced too. They are a soft, gentle, effective and environmentally friendly product, perfect for those precious little bottoms!

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