#itsok Challenge-2

Last month I introduced you all to the #itsok Challenge. This is a monthly series where I invite you to join me in my mission to spread the word that we are doing just fine! Those little things that we all probably do and perhaps feel guilty about are OK! There's so much pressure out there to be the 'perfect' parent but quite simply he or she doesn't exist. Ever hidden your head in a cupboard and eaten a Freddo because you don't want to share? You're not alone! Put Peppa Pig on to buy yourself two minutes of peace? It's not just you! 

This month I'm focusing on me-time! So my #itsok for this month is:
When it comes to me-time #itsok to want it, to crave it and to have it. After taking care of your little one, it's imperative you give yourself a bit of TLC too. 

This month I asked some other bloggers to join me in the #itsok challenge. Here is what they said! 

The Newly Weds #itsok to use CBeebies as a babysitter if it's the only way to get anything done!! 

Winnettes #itsok to eat the kids chocolate that their grandparents bought. You’ve totally done more to deserve it anyway.

Raising Fletcher and Eden #itsok to hide in the bathroom so you can eat your chocolate bar without having to share! Those 2 minutes are heavenly.

Gee Gardner #itsok if all you did today was keep your kids alive. Dishes and dust can wait. 

The Coastal Mummy #itsok to eat your child's chocolate while they're in bed & hope you can buy a replacement before they notice it's gone.

Autumn's Mummy #itsok to eat baby food because you've not had time to eat and your child has rejected it anyway.

Slimsights  #itsok to feed your children a microwave meal because you've had a hectic day at work and all you want to do is have 5 mins to unwind. Plus who said we all had to be Nigella 24/7?!

Glam & Geeky Mum #itsok to put talcum powder in your hair to disguise the fact that it's greasy and you just don't have the energy to wash and dry it. (Yes I know you could use dry shampoo but #itsok to be so disorganised that you've run out and forgotten to buy any!) 

Tales from Mamaville #itsok to sometimes feel bored while playing the SAME pretend games with your toddler/ pre-schooler. On that note, its also OK to skip a few lines or a page or two of a book you've read to your toddler 700 times already!

Living Life Our Way #itsok to have a mummy meltdown sometimes. We are human too!

MrsHible #itsok to stand behind the open kitchen cupboard door, stuff your face with chocolate while you make your kids eat veg. #itsok to say the kids are driving me mental today I need to take 5 mins out. 

Woman In Progress #itsok to feed the children Nutella sandwiches for breakfast (even when they meltdown at how you made it! 

Mighty Mama Bear  #itsok after hearing "but why" for the 100th time you answer with "because I said so" and realise you sound exactly like your own mother.

Motherhood Diaries  #itsok when the kids drop their chocolate on the floor by accident and I have a heart attack because I'm worried about germs, but I pretend not to see it because I'm too tired to hear their moans at the end of a school day.

A Suffolk Dad #itsok not to enjoy playing with your little one. Most parents feel like they have to really love getting involved at all times and be so hands on, but who really wants to be pretending to drink a cup of tea for the 20th time that day?

Mum of 2.5 #itsok to discipline your kids.

The Little Bargain Hunter#itsok to admit that parenting is tough. It's been the hardest but most rewarding thing I've ever done (even with a few tears and wobbles along the way!)

The #itsok challenge is hosted monthly on Facebook, Twitter and here on the Rice Cakes and Raisins page.

I would love to read your posts so please do tweet me @RiceCakeRaisin using the hashtag #itsok and I will be sure to read your post and retweet you. 

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What's your #itsok? 


  1. Thanks for including me Jennie. I'm loving this series. Keep it going!

    1. Thank you for your contribution and your fab post too! x

  2. Thank you for including me! I love this concept, fab idea xx