Destination: Hurghada

With winter on it’s way, I’ve already been craving some sunshine and longing for glorious blue skies, so I’ve started to have a think about some locations we could potentially visit next year. We’ve been on some short UK breaks to both Cornwall or Wales for our holidays over the past few years, in fact our last holiday abroad was for our honeymoon in 2011! My husband loves nothing more than lounging by the beach or the pool and so has been desperate to have a sunny holiday for years now. My youngest is just past the baby stage so my husband is determined that 2018 will be the year! When travel provider Holiday Gems got in touch to promote their Hurghada holidays I was keen to explore more about the location and it looks stunning!

Here’s why Hurghada could be our next holiday destination! 
  • There are beautiful golden sands overlooking the tropical waters of the Red Sea. It has a 40km coastline!
  • It benefits from warm, beautiful sunny weather!
  • Many of the hotels and properties offer a private beach to their guests!
  • It is a great place to scuba dive and get up close and personal to the beautiful marine life.
  • You can visit the old town of Hurghada- El Daha which is rich in history, featuring narrow streets, a mosque and a traditional bazaar!

So, if you’re looking for a late 2017 holiday or are starting to think about your next year’s holiday, why not visit Holiday Gems and see the cheap holiday deals on offer?

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  1. It was 2011 when we last went abroard too! Definetly craving warm sunny days on a cold day like today.