Winter Car Seat Safety

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Winter is approaching and the days and nights are getting cooler. It’s this time of year where we strive to ensure our little ones are wrapped up snuggly warm against the chill but did you know that you should remove your child’s thick winter coat when they are travelling in a car seat? There’s a reason for this. By leaving your child’s coat on in the car, it creates a gap between your child and their safety harness. If there was to be a collision, the harness wouldn’t be as close to their body as is required to correctly restrain them. So what should we do? When placing your child in the car seat, ensure their coat is removed and that the harness is pulled tight enough that you can get two fingers between the straps and your child. Obviously we don’t want our children to be cold so if required, once they are strapped in, tuck a blanket in around them making sure it doesn’t come above armpit level. You will be able to reach a comfortable temperature using the car heaters and then the blanket can be removed if necessary. Older children will be able to remove the blanket if they become too hot. In addition to this, it’s essential to ensure your child’s car seat is correctly fitted and it’s recommended that your car seat is fitted by a trained car seat adviser.

Drive safe everyone! X

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