The Baby Born Babysitter Campaign.

Is there anything more adorable than seeing your little ones pretending to be Mummy or Daddy? We were invited to take part in the Baby Born babysitter campaign with Zapf Creation and were kindly sent a Baby Born interactive doll and accessory pack! The Baby Born doll has lots of fun interactive features: it can drink, eat, wee, poo, cry tears and can sleep too!  So how did we get on?

As you may know, I have two little boys; a two year old and four year old and let me tell you, they were both equally smitten with the doll! Now I’m a strong believer that we need to break the stereotypical associations of toys being either for girls or for boys. Playing with a doll can help your child learn important skills in how to nurture, care for and comfort another person and that certainly is not a skill that is ‘just for girls'!

My toddler absolutely loved feeding the doll. It was so lovely to see him carefully spooning the food into her mouth and he also absolutely loved feeding her with the bottle. He kept giggling like it was the best thing ever!

The fact that the doll can wee and poo filled my 4 year old with joy! The whole process of giving her a drink and then placing her on the potty or seeing if she had wet her nappy was really fascinating for him! It was really sweet seeing him change her nappy too and he spent a long time making sure he got it just right!

For my toddler, the fact that the doll can use the potty couldn’t have come at a better time for him as we’ve just started the process of potty training him! It’s in the very initial stages as he’s yet to use the potty himself but playing with the doll has helped him to understand that the potty is where he can be doing his wees and poos too!

My toddler was also fascinated that the dolls eyes opened and closed and spent a long time gently touching her eyelashes. So cute!

By far the loveliest thing has been watching my little ones tenderly caring for the doll, particularly in those moments when I wasn’t filming or photographing them; gently rocking her, cuddling her and kissing her on the head for example.

I’ve loved every minute of taking part with the Baby Born babysitter campaign. Normally my boys are mini whirlwinds, they love wrestling and running around the house (despite my no wrestling and running in the house rule!!) and so watching them take time out to cuddle the doll, feed her, or put her dummy in for example has been wonderful to see. I think they make great Baby Born babysitters and would both be pretty good at taking on a big brother role too!

Now, to convince hubby to have a third…. :) 

* We were kindly gifted the interactive Baby Born doll along with accessories. All opinions are my own.

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  1. My daughter used to have a few baby born dolls. I think they are great! #MMBC