Tips for Improving your Church Hall

Your church hall is more than a place for you to enjoy jumble sales and Christmas parties, it’s a place where people can gather and enjoy themselves. A church hall can also be the ideal venue if you want to hire the hall out to community groups so they can hold yoga classes, toddler groups, and even Brownie and Scout sessions.

Without spending millions of pounds, you can improve your church hall so it’s more appealing to other people. Read below for a few tips courtesy of dino decking so you can easily improve your church hall.

Create a Kitchen/Cafe

A café is an ideal place to hang out, especially if it has a coffee shop feel. Why not create a café/kitchen so you can serve hot drinks to visitors? Coffee shops are very trendy right now and it doesn’t look like this trend is going to disappear any time soon.

Open up your church hall a few mornings a week and host some coffee mornings or afternoons. Your coffee mornings can appeal to those who do not go to church, especially if they can get a good cuppa for a little less than they could elsewhere.

tea cup

A kitchen/cafe that also offers a few baked goods will also appeal so you may want to consider offering food too. Have multiple areas for people to sit in, with and without tables. Opening a kitchen/cafe can offer a good community connection.

Put Up a Few Signs

One of the best things you can do to improve your church hall is to put up a few signs. New visitors to your hall need to know where to go, so put up handwritten signs if you have to so they know where to go. Start by putting up signs in the main entrance and the car park so people know where they need to be. A few more signs will make all the difference. Don’t forget to ensure that bathrooms are signposted along with children’s areas.

Do All The Jobs on your Snagging List
You may want to re-paint the hall, put down some new flooring in the bathrooms, repair a few windows or tidy up the storage cupboard. Whatever jobs you have on your snagging list it’s important that you do them. Chances are if you have a lot of jobs on the list other people will notice as your church hall is likely to be in a bad state of repair.
Bite the bullet, get those jobs done and it’s likely that your church hall will be much more appealing to you and everyone else.

Create a Good Outdoor Area
Many church halls have an outdoor area that could be ideal for summer parties and other gatherings. Think about adding some composite decking to the area just outside the door. Decking is a much more stable surface than others, it can add a modern touch and it looks good. Decking can also last at least 10 years, meaning you and those who use your church hall can make use of it when they need to.

Bring in New Technology
Many of us are afraid of new technology, especially if we do not understand it. Here is where you could make your church hall more accessible and greatly improved. Consider updating your lighting, security system, music system and other multi-media capabilities. Offer free WiFi to those who are visiting the café, make it available to kids during their Scout or Brownie groups and any other groups who may wish to use the church hall. The more up to date you are with technology, the more people will be attracted to your hall.

woman laptop

Making a few small changes to your church hall can dramatically improve it. Consider all of the above tips and you’re more likely to find your church hall is in use throughout the week.

*Collaborative post