Quick Kids Bedroom Updates that Make a Huge Difference

Now that the kids are on holiday, it may be time to give their bedroom a bit of a makeover. The chances are that, by now, they will be a bit bored. So, potentially, they could help you to do the work needed to give their bedroom a fresh new look. The good news is that you need not spend a lot of time or money to get the job done. All you have to do is to pick out a few of the suggestions outlined below and put them into action!

New bedding
Step one of any bedroom makeover is buying new bedding. To do that, just click here. This retailer offers a great level of choice. Everything from cartoon and gaming characters to more sophisticated designs that are likely to appeal to teenagers. Don’t put the old bedding in the bin straightaway. Instead, take a look at this article. It contains several great suggestions for transforming old bedding into new and useful items. They are the sort of projects that many kids would not mind having a go at themselves.

Jazz up the furniture
Taking an old chest of drawers or wardrobe and transforming it into something new and fresh is a great project. It is also one that could potentially save you quite a bit of money. Getting expensive items like these, which you already own to blend in with the new décor, is an excellent idea.
Repainting or spraying old items of furniture is relatively easy. But, if you prefer you could buy some wall stickers and wrap the items in those. Or, better still print off a load of photos and use them to create an interesting collage. Once you are happy with the results, just finish things off with a transparent coat of varnish or something similar.

Transform the walls
If the décor is looking a bit out of date simply updating the walls can be enough to transform your child’s bedroom. Again, there are several approaches you could take. Painting them a new colour works, but the effect of this can be a bit bland and boring. Instead, why not use stencils or wall stickers to create an interesting design. Or, if you have the skills, paint a large piece of artwork onto one of the walls. Another approach is to install a whiteboard or blackboard wall. This gives your
child the chance to create their own unique artwork and replace it whenever they want to.

Improve the storage
As your kids grow they typically need more storage. It could be as simple as buying some plastic boxes to slide under the bed or as sophisticated as building them a new shelving unit. If you want a few storage and home organisation tips you can find them in this post I wrote not so long ago.

Install some more electrical points
Most kids have a lot of gadgets and devices which need to be kept charged. So, it is always worth considering adding another electrical point.

*This is a collaborative post