The Weekly Round-Up- Bonk heads, Wasps and Mr Bean.

Saturday 25th August
Today is my husband's birthday. He opened his eyes just in time to see the toddler smashing his wooden jigsaw down on his head. Not really sure why. I keep catching the boys smacking each others heads exclaiming that the other is a 'bonk head'. This is usually when they are irritated with each other. I've tried to discourage it.

Sunday 26th August
We bought a new mattress today which was really overdue as our current one has collapsed on the husband's side. He's been lying in a mattress ditch for a long time. Mattress shopping with children is really stressful which is one of the reasons why it's been put off for so long. When you're 2 years old, a shop full of beds is akin to the world's best soft play. I know for a fact that the mattress decision was rushed because we were trying to get in and out of there as soon as possible. It won't be delivered for a couple of weeks so we shall see!

Monday 27th August
The boys fight so much at the moment that I worry what the neighbours think. In all honestly, the toddler starts it, but my eldest emits a high pitched squeal that fills my toddler's heart with glee. And so the cycle continues. They love each other really but I think six weeks of summer holiday in each other's company has been a test for them (and me) and so I'm quite looking forward (albeit guiltily) to normality and structure returning to our days.

Tuesday 28th August
At the start of the summer holidays I was feeling rather quite pleased with myself because I'd discovered Mr Bean was on Netflix and knew that the boys would love it. I wasn't wrong. For a few days this was all they requested on tv. However. It did come with a big side effect. For the rest of the summer, my eldest has been speaking in his 'Mr Bean' voice. Anyone who has watched it will know exactly what I mean. It was funny for the first five minutes but after five weeks, I'm not gonna lie, I want to punch myself in the head.   

Thursday 30th August 
The fighting and Mr Bean voice all got a bit too much today so I threw a blanket outside, banished them into the garden for their lunch and declared it to be a picnic. They were delighted with their surprise picnic and I made a mental note to do it more often. I didn't have to hoover the crumbs up afterwards either although I did have to remove about ten wasps from the area. They seem extra persistent this year. I'm not good at the whole stay-calm-and-don't-flap-else-they-will-sting-ya thing that you're supposed to do so I narked off a fair few of them and they kept coming back.

Friday 31st August
Today is the last pottering type of day we will have during the summer holidays because school returns next week. On the whole, we've had a fairly quiet one. We had a week away at the start and the odd day out here and there but a lot of it has been filled with garden-time, library visits and the park. I tend to avoid the busier places because I find them stressful which in turn makes me feel guilty in case they are missing out.This feeling crops up each time there is a school holiday, I hope I've given them enough happy summery memories.