6 Ways To Cut Down On Your Car Budget

Any car owner will know that car maintenance can be an expensive business. With ever rising fuel costs, MOT's, car tax and general repairs to pay for, it can quickly add up. But there are ways to minimise the costs...

Fuel Economy
By changing the way you drive, you can reduce the amount of fuel used. Examples include always driving in the correct gear, not over-revving the engine, reducing the weight in the car eg, by emptying the boot and removing the roof rack and keeping your tires at the correct pressure. 

Car sharing
If you have a daily commute into work, car sharing is a great option. By taking turns driving with other colleagues, not only will your fuel costs be reduced but you will minimise the wear and tear on your car. 

Shop around for cheaper car insurance
When shopping around for car insurance, don't assume your first quote will be the cheapest. There can be considerable differences between the prices so it's worth taking a bit of time to research the different options and with price comparison websites, this doesn't have to be a huge task. The same goes for when your insurance is up for renewal; staying with the same one won't necessarily be the cheapest option. 

Regular servicing
It's really important to get your car serviced regularly. In doing so, you'll be less likely to breakdown and incur expensive repairs. Give your vehicle some much needed TLC by getting it serviced at KAP Motors.

Find cheaper Fuel
Many petrol stations will sell premium fuel at higher prices but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll see a big difference in the performance of your vehicle by purchasing it. Unless specifically recommended for your vehicle, it's more cost efficient to buy the regular fuel. Also fuel prices can vary between each petrol station, with supermarkets often offering some of the cheapest rates. Have a quick look online before you head out so you know which one is the best value for money. 

Buy Used Cars
Put simply, buying a used car is significantly cheaper than buying one new. By doing this you avoid the financial hit of depreciation; around 20% of a cars value is wiped once it leaves the showroom. The AA have a really handy guide on buying a used car which is definitely worth a read. 

*Collaborative Post