#InstagramYourCar Photography TIps When Selling Your Car

If you've ever tried to sell your car you'll know only too well of the importance of ensuring the images in the advert look professional and of a high quality. With just a little bit of effort you can increase the saleability of car considerably. 

Here are a five tips for ensuring you get the best images of your vehicle...

Use natural lighting
Rather than taking pictures of your car when it's in the garage, it's advisable to take photos of it when it's outside to ensure a a clear image can be taken. 

Avoid Clutter in the photograph
Make sure the area surrounding the vehicle is clear of clutter including litter and other distractions as this can be off-putting for potential buyers and looks unprofessional. 

Avoid reflections
Be careful that the images don't contain too many reflections, whether that's of sunlight which will cause parts of the car to look overly bright or from the surrounding area, which will serve as a distraction from the car you are trying to display

Take photos from different angles
Allow people to view your car in a variety of different angles as this will enable them to get a sense of the vehicle as a whole. Only providing an image of one side or area of the car may cause people to assume there could be damage or faults in other areas. 

Clean your car
It may seem obvious but taking photos of a clean and polished car will help display it in its best light and will ensure it looks well-maintained and cared for. If you can, ensure any damages to paintwork are fixed and that it is fitted with new car tyres too as this will increase the likelihood of ensuring a sale.

Tyre City have produced a great infographic of how to take Instagram-worthy images of your vehicle and have also shared the 10 most Instagrammed Cars! 

car infographic

So there you have it, fabulous tips and tricks for ensuring you take brilliant photos of your car to help secure that sale! Do you have any tips for taking high quality images of vehicles? I'd love to hear them.

*Collaborative Post