Educational Fun with Learning Resources!

Children have curious little minds, often striving to figure out just how something works and so naturally they will love toys that feed their curiosity. My little boys are now aged 3 and 6 years and both really love any toys that help them make sense of the world and so we were delighted when the educational toy company Learning Resources got in touch to see if we would like to explore some of the items they stock. 

We were kindly sent some Beakers Creatures Reactor Pods, A Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab and a Playfoam set to review. 

Beaker Creatures are fun little aliens from five different planets which can be identified using the classification cards included with each Beaker Creatures product. There are 35 to collect including some super rare ones!

Beaker Creatures

The Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab is a 15-piece set that contains everything you need in order to extract and identify the Beaker Creatures from their reactor pods. Setting up the lab is really straightforward and only took a couple of minutes to complete. A reactor pod is placed in the beaker and then water is pumped into it using the syringes. The water then begins to bubble and fizz until the creature is free. It can then be removed using the tongs and then identified using the classification cards! 

Beaker creatures super lab

Beaker creatures super lab

The boys enjoyed every second of playing with this set. They both love collectibles, especially where there is an element of surprise to it, and so this really appealed to them. Each set contains two of the pods but more can be bought to ensure the lab can be used time and again. 

beaker creatures super lab

From a parent's perspective, the lab was simple to use and easy to clean, providing lots of excitement and fun. I will definitely be recommending it to friends. 

We were also sent some Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods which we placed into a bowl of water to enable the bubbling process to begin. The boys loved watching the bubbles and listening to the fizzing. They had both picked a creature that they hoped would be in their pods and amazingly they both found they had the exact one they had hoped for! What are the odds of that?! They were certainly very happy with that and have been keen for me to order some more for them! 

We also explored the Playfoam Combo 8-pack which is a wonderful creative play resource. 


Playfoam provides endless fun for children; it has really unique bead-like texture (perfect for sensory play!) and can be molded into different shapes. I really loved how Playfoam only sticks to itself rather than to tables, skin and carpet for example. It also never dries out so is certainly value for money! The boys firstly experimented making shapes from the different colours and then mixed the colours to make colourful designs! The colours don't end up mixing to create that browny/grey colour in the way modelling dough does. The Playfoam appealed to both boys and was a hit in our house! So much so, that I purchased a pack for my friend's little boy! 


I'm really pleased to have discovered Learning Resources, they have a wide array of interesting, unique and stimulating products for children and at great prices too! 

*We were kindly sent the above items in exchange for an honest review.