The Falconer's Quest at Warwick Castle

Recently, much to my delight, we were invited to Warwick Castle to observe the new bird of prey show; The Falconer's Quest! I had last visited Warwick Castle on a school trip many years ago and had been keen to take my little boys for some time now so we couldn't wait to explore it together.

Visitors to Warwick Castle can enjoy exploring the castle itself as well as the 64 acres of landscaped gardens! There are also daily shows and activities on offer such as displays of archery. The popular castle dungeon experience is also not to be missed with its live actors and spectacular special effects. There really is something for everyone. 


The Falconer's Quest is the UK's biggest bird of prey show featuring over 70 different birds including the spectacular Andean Condor which has a wingspan on 9ft! 

The show is really quite something! It's a live action show telling the story of Hobby, who goes on a quest to discover and befriend birds of prey, bringing them back to Warwick Castle in his quest to become the best falconer Warwick Castle has ever seen. The show takes place right next to the river and begins with Hobby arriving on a boat. The atmospheric music really adds to the suspense and excitement!


During the show, different birds of prey fly over the top of the audience who are seated on wooden benches. The birds often fly very low, so close that you can feel a rush of wind as they pass by. The show builds in pace reaching its thrilling conclusion as over 70 birds take to the sky! This was my favourite part of the show, there were just so many to look at. I'd not seen anything like it before. 

bird of prey

What was really special about the show was seeing how much the falconers were enjoying the show. They obviously cared a great deal for the birds and and their passion for them was evident throughout.  

At the end of the show the falconer who played Hobby, was able to answer any questions. He was very kind and patient with the children which was lovely to observe. My six year old asked him where the birds slept at night and my three year old randomly told him he has strawberry ice-creams at home! 


We really recommend The Falconer's Quest. It's on everyday until the 3rd November and is suitable for all ages; it's just as thrilling for adults as it is for children. 

Warwick Castle is a wonderful day out. We enjoyed exploring the castle, climbing the towers and looking at the beautiful gardens. Not even the rain could dampen our enjoyment. 

We will definitely be back soon! 


*Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted tickets to Warwick Castle in exchange for an honest review.

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