The Beginner's Guide To Free Beauty Products

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Imagine receiving free beauty products via the post. Too good to be true? As an avid fan of cosmetics, I am always searching for ways of saving money on beauty products. So, when I heard that I could have free makeup delivered directly to my front door, I was excited, to say the least!

There are a plethora of beauty products available for delivery directly to homes across the United Kingdom, ranging from free cosmetics and perfume samples to hair products and toiletries. What a fantastic method of trying out new and current brands without spending any money or having to leave home. Here is my experience of WOW Free Stuff as a source of free makeup and beauty items, as well as a description of some of the free products I have received.

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Why Do Beauty Brands Make Free Products Available?

Beauty companies need potential customers to try their items and offer feedback in return before any products enter the market. By giving people free details, they are eliminating the middleman to do product research. The movement of companies on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, means that they are able to speak with the customer directly. They can also listen to the customer's concerns and reach new potential consumers at the same time.

How Can I Receive Free Beauty Products?
I started receiving free beauty products after subscribing to the WOW Free Stuff newsletter. This newsletter promises eight freebies each day, free items, samples and competitions. Sure enough, the following day, I received an email filled with vouchers, offers and giveaways! Since signing up for the email notifications, and applying for the different free products, I have received the following items:

- Origins Night A Mins Resurfacing Night Cream
- Sanctuary Moisture Miracle Moisturiser
- John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner samples
- Emporio Armani Perfume
- Always Daily Pantyliners

What Other Types Of Free Products Can I Receive?

In addition to free beauty products, there are many other categories to explore on WOW Free Stuff's website. Ranging from child and baby products to food and drink or free pet items, there really is a free product for every member of your family.

Of course, it is not wholly about the freebie. WOW FreeStuff feature all types of articles on money-making and money-saving tricks to help you live with a restricted budget. For instance, I plan to use the restaurant vouchers next time I want to go out for dinner; however, I'll use the Free Days Out page when planning a fun day with the family.

Is WOW Free Stuff Simple To Use?

If you plan on reviewing all items on the website and begin receiving freebies, then this is my guide to your new freebie lifestyle. It is a short and concise guideline, but that is because using this site is relatively simple to do.