4 Reasons Why Travelling By Boat Is Better Than Flying

You might not have considered travelling by boat before because it takes longer and flights seem a lot easier. But there are actually a lot of benefits to travelling by boat and it could improve the whole experience for you, so it’s worth thinking about. If you’re still not convinced, check out these reasons why travelling by boat is better than a plane. 

It’s More Comfortable
Even though plane rides are efficient, they’re not exactly comfortable. You have to deal with the hassle of the airport and all of the crowds, then get on a flight with no legroom and sit there for hours on end. It’s not exactly the most relaxing and enjoyable way to start your trip. But a boat is a whole different experience. If you book through companies like Bolsover Cruise Club, you can take a luxury cruise to all sorts of different destinations and make stop offs along the way. Instead of being stuck on a cramped plane, you can relax in the sun and sip on a cocktail until you reach your destination. The journey becomes a part of the experience rather than something that you just want to get out of the way so you can start enjoying your trip.

It’s More Scenic

When you travel by plane, you don’t always get the best view. Sometimes, you can see the country below you and maybe pick out a few nice mountain ranges, but usually, you just see clouds. It’s not that magical when you see it from the inside of an uncomfortable plane either. But when you travel by boat, you get a far more scenic journey with beautiful views of the ocean and coastlines. Even though it takes longer, the journey doesn’t seem like a chore because you get to see all of this beautiful scenery along the way, instead of staring at the back of a plane seat.

It’s More Social

Travelling by boat does take a lot longer, which some people see as a negative, but you have to think of the positives. One of the great things about boat travel is that it’s more social because people are spending a few days together on the boat and you have more freedom to get up and move around, so people socialize more. This makes it ideal for solo travelling because you can meet people on the way to your destination.

It’s Better For The Environment
If you are trying to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, travel is one of the things that you need to really think about. That’s why eco-friendly travel is so popular right now. There are a lot of different things that you can do but one of the main ways to make a difference is to avoid flying. Taking a boat is far less damaging to the environment than flying, so if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s the best way to travel.

Don’t write off boat travel just yet because these are just some of the many reasons why it is better than flying.

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