Body Confidence With Simply Swim

It's that time of the year, with promises of spring in the air, that I start thinking of booking a summer holiday! This year we're planning to take the boys camping for the first time. We've decided on the week and the location (it has to be Cornwall!) but we've not settled on the campsite yet. I've found some great campsites that feature swimming pools which my boys would absolutely love. One thing is for sure, swimming pool or not, we'll certainly be donning our swimming outfits and taking a trip to the beach to dip out toes in the sea! 

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We're all in need of some new swim wear; mine predates the children and the boys' trunks have been washed so many times they are starting to look a little tatty. Simply Swim stocks a wide array of high quality swimwear and accessories from trusted brands such as Speedo and Adidas and at great prices too. They stock swimwear for both adults and children as well as an array of accessories from goggles to towels and everything in between! Quite simply, they stock everything you could need for swimming, whether that's for a leisurely swim or as a seasoned competitor! 

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I love that they have a range of women's swimming costumes to support those with body confidence issues and for different body shapes including cup-sized swimsuits, padded swimsuits and maternity ones for example. Since having children, I've not felt entirely confident wearing a costume, wondering if it's highlighting my post-baby tummy and boobs. When swimming, I tend to hide behind a towel and then sink into the water as fast as I can. Simply Swim has a range of tummy control and shaping swimwear to smooth and create beautiful hourglass curves s so this year I can stroll into the sea with confidence (jellyfish fears aside!!).

Check out the wonderful range of swimming products from Simply Swim here!

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