Sunday, 26 April 2020

Dietbon Diet Meals Delivery: My experience

Preparing healthy, balanced and nourishing meals can at times be a challenge, particularly when you're caught up in managing the responsibilities of everyday life. I know that for myself and my husband, by the time we have both finished work and the children are fed, bathed and put to bed sometimes we don't feel like cooking and it's easier to order a takeaway or pop a pizza in the oven for example. As a result, our weight can fluctuate at times and obviously on these occasions we could certainly be opting for healthier meals. Recently, I was contacted by Dietbon who provide weight loss ready meals, to see if we would like to try their diet meals delivery service. 

Dietbon is a company that provide 100% natural, nutritious, ready-made meals that are delivered to your home. I was invited to try the plan for a week, testing a weeks worth of the meals on offer. Starting at £44 per week, you receive a delivery of 6 days worth of meals. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The 7th day is a free day for you to prepare your own meals in accordance with their guidelines and recommendations. There is a wide range of different meals for you to choose from so that you can select those that really appeal to you. You are also able to have a phone consultation with a dietitian who will explain the plan and will answer any questions you may have. 

What was in the box I received? 
I don't eat meat but do eat fish so there were some limitations on what I could select. However, there were many meat free meals to try. Here is what I received: 

~Plain Pancakes
~Mini Lemon Cakes
~Apple and Pear Fruit Compotes
~Creamy vegetarian carrot and coconut soup
~Organic vegetable ravioli soup
~Organic 5 vegetable ravioli
~Organic old fashioned vegetable soup
~Vegetarian pasta with vegetables
~Ravioli stuffed with goat's cheese pesto with a tomato sauce
~Whole meal salad: Spanish quinoa salad
~Oriental vegetable and pasta soup
~Salmon with vegetables and grains in a soya sauce
~Fish pie
~Whole meal salad, tuna pasta and vegetables
~Conchiglie pasta, pacific salmon and spinach

~28 days of Tea Detox Morning & Night (Vitalize Me to energy and focus. Keep Calm – to destress and relax)

What did I think? 
What surprised me the most was how filling the meals were. I was expecting to feel hungry as I can sometimes snack quite a lot throughout the day, however after each meal I did feel full which certainly prevented me wanting to seek out more food. You are advised to add fruit to the breakfasts as well as vegetables with your evening meal so this can help to bulk up the meal too and it also adds vitamins. I found there was a lot of chopped veg already added to the meals so it definitely seemed like a healthy option. 

I really liked the lemon cakes. Lemon cake is my favourite type of cake and these ones certainly didn't disappoint. The pancakes were tasty but I preferred a bit of sweetness with them so added strawberries and raspberries. The puddings were not completely to my taste but certainly helped with any after-meal sweet cravings I had. I didn't weigh myself at the end of the week as I am not specifically looking to reduce my weight at this time but rather, I was keen to maintain a healthy diet. I certainly felt healthier at the end of the week.

lemon cake

The Dietbon service is great for those that want the simplicity of not having to weigh and measure foods or calorie count all day. Everything you need for the day is provided so you don't need to worry about whether you have eaten the correct foods to maintain your diet which can often be confusing. I think I would have preferred a bit of variation in the snacks, puddings and breakfasts if I was to continue on a longer term; that's a personal preference though as I easily get bored eating similar foods. Overall, I would definitely recommend if you are looking to lose weight and if this type of service would fit with your lifestyle.

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Disclaimer: I was kindly sent these meals and compensated for my time

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