Best DIY projects to complete during lockdown

There’s no more leaving renovation projects for tomorrow, now is the right time for completing all the DIY jobs that you’ve been delaying and some that you might have not even thought about. Plus, it will give you something to do whilst improving your home – great, right?

1. Play with ironmongery. 

Ironmongery Experts, a family-run business, has published an article on their blog about the same topic. Some of their easy ideas include changing up kitchen cabinet handles, replacing house numbers and installing coat hooks. Perhaps you’ve never thought of changing these little details in your home, however, the right ironmongery and hardware will tie-in your interiors and will give your home the uplift it’s craving.

2. Paint anything and everything.
From painting kitchen cabinets and painting the stairs to painting your living room or perhaps your garden shed. Even if you want to paint an old bit of furniture, why not? It’s the perfect time to do so, plus with this lovely warm weather your furniture will dry in no time.


3. Boost your home’s kerb appeal.
This article on Real Homes gives some ideas on how to improve your home’s kerb appeal and explains how it’s an important thing to do as it will give an excellent first impression to visitors and boost its value. If you are looking to improve your house’s exterior, start by giving your front door a transformation and then spend some time looking after your pathway and front garden.

4. Spend some time in your garden.
Pressure wash your patio, pull up weeds and clean your garden furniture. Then, plant some flowers and enjoy the sunshine. If you need some inspiration, Gardens Illustrated put together some ways to improve your garden.

No garden? Bring your green thumb indoors and pot some veggies and flowers indoors.


5. Give your home a full makeover.
As people say, go big or go home and in this case, since you are already home, why not go big and do a complete home makeover? 

Collaborative Post~ This article was written by the copywriting team at eCommerce website design agency Ad Lab, who are always looking for new DIY projects to complete in their office (and to write about!).