Quality wines from Independent Wine

A quality bottle of wine makes a wonderful gift or treat to yourself but when it comes to selecting a decent bottle, it can often seem a little overwhelming. If picking one up from a supermarket for example, there are dozens to choose from and it's not always apparent which ones are high quality as opposed to the more generic bottles.

Luckily Independent Wine, an online boutique wine store, takes all of the hard work away! Their online catalogue features hand-picked Italian premium wines guaranteed to hit the spot. Each bottle has been carefully selected to provide you with exceptional quality. The team actually travels to Italy to thoroughly inspect each winery, vineyard and wine to ensure they are recommending and selling only the very best! They also deliver the very next day so there is no waiting around for that perfect bottle! 

The website ensures that you are supported in selecting the right wine, from their online guides to their extensive descriptions of each individual bottle. I was fascinated to read their article entitled The Ultimate Guide to the Best Italian Wine which highlights the regions that the different Italian wines come from. I was surprised to learn that there are up to 2000 unique grapes grown across the country!

The website is easy to navigate, enabling you to browse their white, sparkling and red wines. Once you have found one you like the look of, the site then provides you with a thorough description of the wine including the taste notes, geographical indication, wine maker, style, grape and year of production, for example. 

I was delighted to discover the Robel del Convento, a beautifully rich wine with aromas of strawberry, red berry, vanilla and aromatic herbs. The extensive description of the wine on the site enabled me to learn that it had been created at the Convento San Franscico winery. I was also provided with a description of the production process! The website even suggests the ideal food pairings for this wine and even vegetarian and vegan diets are included! 

This wine is absolutely delicious and is clearly of the highest quality. It's clear to see why it has won two awards; 91/100 JamesSuckling.com (2015 vintage) and 88 Wine Spectator (2011 vintage).

I've been so impressed by the process of selecting wines from Independent Wine. It will certainly be my go-to place for purchasing premium, high quality wines from now on! 

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