Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Tongue In Peat; a bloody mary with a twist!

If you find yourself craving a Bloody Mary then the brand new Tongue in Peat, a peat smoked tomato juice, is just the mixer to hit the spot! 

The tomato juice is infused with peat smoke using peat from the island of Islay, situated off the West Coast of Scotland. The smoke gives the tomato juice the distinctive smoky flavour which certainly packs a punch! Made with fresh tomatoes which are then hand chopped and infused in a traditional smokehouse for 12 hours before being blended with spices, this tomato juice has a rich, deep flavour which serves to create the ultimate Bloody Mary! 

Tongue in Peat

A Bloody Mary makes the ultimate hangover cure! Just select your favourite vodka, add the additional ingredients found in Tongue In Peat's Smoky Mary Recipe, and let the rich and powerful flavours bring you back to the land of the living! 

Tongue in Peat

For more information or to order yours just click here!

*We were kindly sent some Tongue in Peat and some Holy Grass vodka to sample. 

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