Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

Encouraging your child to practise writing at home is a great idea because it will help them develop various physical, emotional, and intellectual skills. Creative writing, in particular, will allow your child to express their emotions in a healthy and structured manner. It will help expand their vocabulary and help them become better communicators. Younger children who hold pens and pencils to write, will develop their fine motor skills and strengthen muscles that are used for everyday tasks.

Children love to be creative and have extraordinary imaginations, which is something that parents can nurture throughout their childhood. Here are some tips for exploring creative writing with your child, from a prep school in London.

Child writing

Read with Your Child
It’s never too early to start reading with your child. It will be a great bonding activity for the two of you and will help them develop their general knowledge, while also introducing them to a range of writing styles and genres. Eventually, your child may start to form opinions on which types of books they like and they may even have a favourite that they want to read over and over.

Re-Write the Ending
One great creative writing activity to try is to encourage your child to re-write the final few pages of a book, or perhaps even the final chapter if they’re feeling adventurous. If your child is truly invested in the story, they’re more likely to enjoy the task and they will feel motivated to finish it.

Write Book Reviews
After your child has finished reading a book, encourage them to write a pretend news report in which they review the story. Prompt them to use plenty of adjectives to describe how the story made them feel and ask them to include whether or not they would recommend the book to someone else. This activity will help them with their critical thinking skills, while they also get to use their imaginations whilst pretending to be a journalist.

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