Why Are Chores Important for a Child’s Overall Development?

No-one likes doing chores, that much is true, but it’s important they are done in order to ensure a household runs smoothly. After all, without them, there’d be no clean clothes to wear or crockery to eat with, and we’d spend our lives navigating around mess. I have teamed up with a secondary school in Cambridge to explore why it’s important for children to be given age-appropriate chores rather than leaving all the household jobs to the parents.

child cooking

Life Skills
When carrying out chores, children learn important life skills that they’ll need when they have a house of their own. Teenagers in particular need to know how to work a washing machine, cook a meal and other important daily tasks that we take for granted. However, children don’t just learn the obvious skills when carrying out chores, they also learn things like how to plan and manage their time, and the importance of a strong work ethic. Perhaps you could consider giving them some pocket money to help motivate them.

Giving kids chores teaches them to take responsibility for their home and belongings. It helps if you assign them chores that personally affect them, such as changing their bedding or washing their own plates after a meal, because they’ll learn accountability – if their plate isn’t clean, they won’t have anything to eat their dinner from.

Being part of a family is being part of a team, and teamwork is crucial. Parents do a lot for their children, so it’s only fair that they should chip in and help return the favour. With that said, chores give families a chance to bond. This also reinforces respect because it will give them some insight into how much their parents actually do for them every day.

When your child completes a chore successfully, be sure to praise them. This will help with their self-esteem and allow them to feel a sense of accomplishment. Not all kids are the top of their class or the star athlete, so finding ways to boost their confidence at home and help them feel successful in some way is important.

*Collaborative post