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Is there anything more wonderful in life than completely and utterly immersing yourself in a book? Readers of my blog will know that I'm a big fan of reading and have been keen to introduce my little boys to the joys of reading from an early age. There's a whole world of discovery for little ones when they delve inside a book; books can transport you back in time, can launch you into the future, fly you through the stars and have you home in time for tea! By introducing children to the joy of reading, you give them the gift of new and exciting worlds, enabling them to journey on an array of spellbinding adventures. 

I've always tried to provide my boys with access to books and to read to them. Usually my boys would have their pick of books from the school library and we would also often visit the town library too. Due to the pandemic and the restrictions that have been in place throughout the lockdowns, these have not been an option. And so when Reading Chest got in touch to see if we would like to review their book subscription service we absolutely jumped at the chance! 

Reading Chest is a book subscription service which specialises in reading scheme books for ages 4 to 9 years. It was founded by a mum who found that it was frustrating not having enough suitable books at home to help her son learn to read. She found that the expense  of buying new books along with the the 'hit and miss' school library lending system (when your child forgets to swap them for example- my boys certainly do this all the time!) caused additional frustrations. She decided that there had to be a better way to give parents access to suitable books to support their children to read and thus the idea of Reading Chest was born!

Reading chest

Reading Chest enables parents and children to have access to a wide array of fiction or non-fiction books at the appropriate level. it is ideal for children that are just starting out on their reading journeys, those developing their reading skills, those who are a little reluctant to read and super speedy readers who never seem to have enough books at home. 

Reading Chest is a postal book rental service. When signing up to Reading Chest parents opt for a subscription package, either Bronze, Silver or Gold. The packages are designed to give a choice on the amount of books you would like to swap per month and additionally whether you would like the package to be shared between two children. The books are categorised into different reading levels, known as book bands. You can select your child's book band and also select from different reading schemes. You can choose between fiction or non-fiction or just any from a particular scheme. You can also make a favourites list or opt to add books to the book bin if you don't want to receive certain ones. 

Once you have selected your books you will get between 4 and 6 books initially depending on your package and once you have read them, you can send them back in the prepaid envelope and will then receive some more. The amount of times you can swap each month is dependent on your subscription package. 

Reading chest
Our thoughts
We thought this was a great service. The books arrived extremely quickly so the boys didn't have to wait long for their swaps. The initial package included a red book bag to keep their books in which the absolutely loved as well as a reward chart, stickers and a bookmark. It's really exciting for little ones to receive post just for them and they loved the surprise and anticipation of which books would arrive for them. I really liked how there were no late fees or due dates which I really appreciated because life can certainly get very busy at times. It was great to see the boys excited about reading. It's a thumbs up from us! 

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*Disclaimer: we were kindly gifted a subscription in exchange for an honest review.