Creating a Letterbox Giftset!

After a year of being distanced from our friends and family due to the pandemic, we have all relied upon different (and often creative) methods of keeping in touch. One such method is communicating via post. There's something so wonderful about receiving a letter or a parcel from a loved one and it has been made all the more special over the last 12 months- oh how we have missed our family and friends!

Sending a letter or parcel by post is a great way of letting your loved ones know you are thinking of them. You may wish to send them something to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, graduation, christening or birth or, you may simply wish to let them know that they are in your thoughts. One such way to do this is to create a letterbox gift. Letterbox gifts have become very popular in recent years. They often contain a selection of treats for the recipient to enjoy. There are many different companies that sell letterbox gifts but they can also be easy and fun to create yourself. 

Here are some ideas and tips to help you create the perfect letterbox gift!


Pick a theme
It can be lots of fun deciding on a theme for your letterbox gift. By creating one yourself, you can completely personalise it for your loved one. You can select an interest or favourite product of theirs and create a letterbox gift centred around it. For example, if they like chocolate, why not include some different chocolates for them to try? Or if they are a stationery lover, you could select some pens, notebooks, erasers and highlighters to include. You may also like to create a self-care box to help them relax, unwind and pamper themselves. This could include things like, facemasks, lip balm and hand cream.

You can include a themed notecard inside the box to let them know who the gift is from and to acknowledge the special occasion. It's possible to create your own designs by downloading themed images such as this graduation clipart or school clipart

Select the right box
It's important that the gift can fit through the letterbox so you are going to need a flat box but one with enough depth that you can include the selected items. Postal boxes can be picked up from the post office or can be purchased online from packaging companies. 

Decorate your box
Presentation is everything and your letterbox gift will be all the more special with a little attention to detail. You can place the items in some tissue paper or coloured shredded paper. You can also decorate it with stickers to make it bright and colourful.

Send it off on its way!
So there you have it, your box is all ready to delight that special someone. Be sure to purchase the correct postage and make sure everything is securely packaged to prevent the items becoming damaged. 

If you're in need of any ideas for your letterbox gift, just check out the suggestions below!

  • Selfcare box 
  • Pamper box
  • Beauty box
  • Chocolate box
  • Sweets box
  • Tea box
  • Hot chocolate and marshmallows box
  • Stationery box
  • Gin box 
  • Gardening box
  • Afternoon tea box

Happy Creating! 

*Disclaimer- This is a collaborative post.