Practising Mindfulness with Your Child

Mindfulness is becoming an increasingly more popular meditation technique, which essentially allows a person to recognise the present moment as it’s happening, rather than worrying about something that may or may not happen in the future or dwelling on a difficult memory. It is thought that by practising mindfulness, a person is generally happier and more fulfilled, because they don’t fret as much. Instead, they appreciate even the simplest of experiences, like hugging a loved one or eating a tasty snack. Parents can help their children practise mindfulness with the following advice from a senior school in Surrey.

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Mindfulness at Bedtime
Practising mindfulness at bedtime is a great way to help children doze off. When they’re laying comfortably in bed, ask them to focus on how each of their body parts feels against the sheets and pillow, from the top of their head to the tips of their toes. This encourages them to stop their mind from wandering to things that may have happened to them throughout the day, and instead recognise the here and now.

Mindfulness when Walking
Next time you’re walking the dog together or just taking a stroll through the park, as your child to consider their senses. What can they see, hear, smell, feel or even taste? If they’re struggling to get involved, you could start them off by suggesting things like the sensation of the wind through their hair or the leaves crunching beneath their feet, or the sounds of children playing in the distance.

Mindfulness when Upset
If your child appears to be getting frustrated or overly emotional about something, encourage them to practise mindfulness. Tell them to find a comfortable place to sit or lay down, close their eyes and take a deep breath. Encourage them to pay attention to how their chest and belly rises and falls every time they breathe in and out. This should help calm them down when they’re feeling stressed, so they can return to what they were doing feeling a little more relaxed.

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