Maintaining financial stability

Everyday life can be an expensive business. With ever-rising household bills  along with everyday essentials such as food, childcare and fuel to pay for, for example, it can be really difficult to stay in budget. 

Sometimes, despite your best made plans, there may be times when your finances take a bit of a hit; perhaps your boiler breaks, you have a burst pipe or you suddenly need some car maintenance. A little while ago, our washing machine broke on the same day that the clutch had to be replaced on our car and so we had two unexpected expensive bills to pay in a short space of time! On these sorts of occasions, it's not always easy to find the money if you don't have savings.

Maintaining financial security is certainly worth the effort, it can help prepare you for any eventuality like the example above, can ensure you live within your means and give you that all important peace of mind. Teaching our children and teens to understand money management will also benefit them greatly. 

Here are some tips to help you maintain financial security

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Live within your means
As your pay increases, it can be tempting to make changes in your lifestyle to reflect that; a bigger mortgage, a newer car or more expensive holidays, for example. But actually, scaling back and assessing whether your current lifestyle is sufficient for your needs can help you determine whether a change is in fact necessary. Similarly, you may find there are times you can reduce some of your larger outgoings; perhaps the children have grown and left home and you can downsize, for example.

Avoid unnecessary Spending
It can be really easy to get into the habit of regular shopping particularly as we are all exposed to so much advertising through the media. Buying a shop bought sandwich or meal-deal or regularly buying coffees for example, can really add up. Have a look in your cupboards, fridge and freezer and see what meals you can make out of the contents. Chances are, you wont need to spend money on food for a few days.

Become Financially Literate
Getting to grips with financial management and understanding how to make the best decisions for you and your family is certainly worth doing. Learning how to save and make your money grow is a great skill to invest in. This will certainly pay off throughout your life. offer the tools, expertise and solutions to help individuals get out and importantly, stay out, of debt. They have many informative articles regarding budgeting, staying out of debt and money management, for example.

Regular Saving
Putting a little extra away each month not only puts you in a position to manage any unexpected expenses that may arise, but can help you finance larger purchases. Factoring in a percentage of your wage to save each month enables you to set aside some money, this can always be increased when your wage increases. 

Can you make a little more money from putting in a few more hours at work that week? It's certainly worth asking your employer if this is an option as it can really reduce the stress that comes with being in a bad financial situation.

Additional Employment
Sometimes, if you cant make your money stretch, you may like to consider whether you can work extra hours at your current job or perhaps source a new job on top, at weekends or evenings for example. PCO Vehicle Hire is a car hire service that allows you to start earning money today, in your Uber ready vehicle.

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