The Benefits of Technology in Education

Technology is super beneficial and much of our lives revolve around it. We use computers at work, watch TV in the evenings, and spend countless hours scrolling through social media. We use it to research information, communicate with friends and family, play games and so many other activities, the list is endless. The advancements in technology over the years have also changed the way teachers approach a classroom of students. A nursery in Hampshire explore the benefits of technology in education in further detail below.

child ipad

Boosts Engagement
Most kids love modern technology so it’s only natural that it would improve engagement in lessons. The use of iPads is becoming increasingly more popular in lessons because children are able to interact with the subject matter using fun games, podcasts, and virtual tours to name but a few. It’s an opportunity for teachers to mix things up a bit, rather than relying on traditional methods of relaying information to children, which keeps things fresh for students and prevents boredom.

Provides a Unique Learning Experience
Technology allows students to work at their own pace. When a teacher is speaking to the class, they can’t keep stopping every time one child is confused and they can’t speed up for those who are whizzing ahead. Technology, on the other hand, can go as fast or as slow as the child using it wants to go. It also allows children to work in a way that suits their unique learning style. For instance, auditory learners can listen to audiobooks, while kinaesthetic learners can play educational games and interact.

Prepares Children for the Future
There’s no escaping technology in the modern world of work. Some of us have to prepare PowerPoint presentations to share information with colleagues, some of us have to use Microsoft Excel to calculate budgets or analyse data, and the majority of us have to send emails on a daily basis. With that said, incorporating technology into schools helps children prepare for their future career.

So, while you may be concerned with your child’s use of digital devices, technology can be used in a positive way. Everything in moderation, as the saying goes!

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