What To Know Before Selling Your Home

To sell your house quickly and for the best possible price, it pays to prepare in advance. For further reading, check out these tips on how to save money on estate agent fees. Here are ten tips that will maximise your chances of boosting the value of your property:


Carry out any outstanding repairs
Take a look around your home and make notes of all those things you barely notice day to day - think stains on carpets, a cracked bathroom windowpane, a patch of damp near a bedroom ceiling. Don't forget outside; make notes of missing or damaged patio stones or missing roof tiles.

Improve the kerb appeal
First impressions always count and the front exterior of your house is no exception! Brighten up your front garden with flowering plants in containers, ensure any flower beds are free of weeds and shrubs are tidy. Hire a power washer to clean your driveway if necessary and make sure your front door and windows are gleaming.

Research the sale prices of similar properties in your area
Start by doing your own research to see how similar houses in your area have performed recently. Many factors need to be considered; north-facing properties tend to sell for less than those with south-facing gardens and end-of-terrace houses command higher prices than mid terraces. You could then book a free no-obligation property valuation for further confirmation. Knowing the true your property is so important at the start, as it can help you manage your expectations in regards to potential offers. 

Tidy and Declutter
Decluttering makes your rooms look bigger, lighter and well-cared for. Plus, if you plan to move, there is no better time for a good clear out. Use websites such as Freecycle to get rid of things quickly or Facebook Marketplace for a quick sale with no fees. Or use local charity shops that usually welcome donations of good-quality household items, such as books, ornaments and crockery. 

When you begin to declutter and tidy up your home and garden, you may find you need to make use of a skip. A 10 yard skip is great if you have large amounts of waste to clear. When we moved house, we were advised by family to search for a Skip Hire in Dudley and we were so glad we did. It saved us dozens of trips to the tip and was an efficient way to remove our waste.


Ensure your home is sparkling clean to convey to prospective owners that it is 'ready to move straight into' condition. Work from top to bottom, get into all the nooks and crannies and clean the carpets and floors. And never underestimate the power of gleaming windows!

Opt for neutral colours
Most property experts recommend neutral colours such as cream and beige. This is well-known, but it remains true that neutrals aren't distracting and allow prospective owners to envisage their own things in your house.

new home

Rearrange furniture
Think of your furniture as helping to set the stage for your home. Avoid having large three-piece suites lined against the wall; for example, move chairs closer together to create a more inviting setting.

Remove personal objects
People find it easier to visualise their own belongings in a house if personal items belonging to the current owner aren't on display, allowing them to see the house as a clean slate. Remove any children's artwork on the fridge door, for example and temporarily hide any large plastic toys. Do buy fresh flowers and pot plants before showing people around your home.

Sell during the spring/ early summer
Spring is the perfect time of year for keen buyers to concentrate on moving. They're more willing to go house hunting and check out properties when the days are long and the weather mild. And the higher number of interested buyers has a knock-on effect on prices which means you could get a higher price for your home.

Think outside the box
Our number one tip is to be prepared to use alternatives to traditional estate agents if you want to sell quickly. If you believe that you will be unable to sell your property for whatever reason, Spring offer a "we buy any house" service, where they will buy any property in any location in the UK.
If you're looking to rent out your property, you may also like to consider a guaranteed rent scheme like AMS Housing Group which helps provide you with a fixed rental income even if the property is empty or the tenant stops paying. 

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