How to Plan a Family Road Trip

Going on a road trip can be the ultimate adventure! There can be so much to see and explore throughout your journey and you will be sure to make many happy memories along the way. When you have a family to consider too, things can take a little more planning but with a little preparation and foresight, you'll soon be on your way! Here's my guide to planning the ultimate road trip!


Plot your route
While it can be tempting to just pack up the car and follow your nose, it's sensible to plot your route so that you don't get lost along the way. Start off by planning out the destinations you would like to visit and then figure out the general route to get you there. This isn't to distract from the fun and spontaneity that comes from having a road trip but it gives you a rough guide of where to head to; there will certainly be things to discover and see along the way. 

Book ahead
It's worth giving some thought to your accommodation when you get to some of your key locations. During summer months for example, campsites can get booked up and the last thing you will want is having to drive round and round searching for a place to stay if you have hungry and overtired children to consider. There are many options for places to stay; campsites, Airbnb properties hotels, B&Bs, holiday cottages, to name just a few. A quick Google Search of "real estate for sale in Whistler" for example, shows that there are many different types of property in this area eg townhouses and chalets. This will give you an idea of the types of property that might be available to rent for one of two nights. You can also do a little research as to the types of activities you can do in each area. For example, check out this fabulous guide of things to do in Cambridge

Plan Enroute Entertainment
Have a think about what will keep your little ones entertained in the car for example, games, music and audio books or try these kids travel activity trays. Keeping the children happy and occupied will surely make for a more peaceful and relaxing road trip. And don't forget yourself and your partner too! I always like to see if I can make words out of the letters in the number plates of the cars in front of us! 

road trip

Car Safety
It is absolutely vital that you ensure your car is safe and road worthy before you set off. Make sure your car has been serviced and is in top condition. A full car service will check the lights and blinkers, the oil and fluids, the efficiency of brakes and steering and the battery condition, for example. You may wish to consider new tyres as you will certainly be covering a lot of miles and may experience an array of different weather types. Some individuals may opt for the ICarsoft CR Pro which is a vehicle fault diagnosis tool to enable technicians to diagnose complex problems with the vehicle. Make sure you also have breakdown cover and car insurance; if anything goes wrong you'll be so glad you have. It's also worth keeping the car stocked with a flashlight, blankets, emergency snacks, reflective triangles and water. If travelling with children you need to make sure their car seats are in top condition too. 

Once you have packed everything you need, have ensured the car is safe and have some destinations in mind, it's time to hit the road! A road trip is one of the most exciting holidays you can have as you'll take in so many different sights and will have lots of fun along the way, after all the journey is just as valuable as the destination! 

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