Creating the Perfect Playroom for Your Children

If you have younger children and you ask them what they would like to do for the day, chances are they’ll say they want to play. Allowing your kids to engage in playtime is beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only does it allow children to strengthen their creativity while developing their imagination, but also improves their dexterity, emotional and cognitive strength.

It's essential to create a playroom which is not only safe and fun for your child, where they can spend unstructured time leaning and developing new skills through enjoyed playtime. Providing a playroom space for your child is one of the most exciting tasks you can accomplish as a parent, as seeing your child develop is rewarding. If you’re looking to create the perfect playroom for your child, then here at We Buy Any House have created the perfect 10 step guide to ensure your playroom meets the basic requirements and more.


1. Use Bold Colours:

When it comes to a space that is used for creative outlet, colour is key. To cater the room to your child's preference, ask them which colour they would like to have the room. Drawing themes or painting murals with concept such as princess or superhero's are also a good idea. If you’re not ready to take the plunge with bold colours, stick to a neutral wall palette and add colour through furniture choices.

2. Wall Decals:
Often, children's taste is quick to change as they grow up. Stick-on wall decals are the perfect addition to any playroom, as they can be changed easily, and you don’t have to stick to a specific theme or wall colour.

3. Easy-to-Clean Flooring:
Any parent knows that children are prone to making mess. Therefore, it's imperative that you implement easy-to-clean flooring in the playroom. Opting for wood flooring is a great idea as they are easy to mop and vacuum. If you’re looking to add a bit more comfort, try foam flooring. It’s a more comfortable option and if it gets dirty then it can be easily replaced due to it being cheap.

4. Chalkboard Wall:
Implementing a chalkboard wall will enable your kids to fully express their creative freedom. It allows them to draw and express themselves without the worry of them damaging walls, giving you peace of mind as it is not permanent and easily cleaned. It’s a fun and DIY way to encourage your children to improve their writing and drawing skills.

5. Storage:
In order to keep the playroom neat and organised, think of adding storage. Utilise the space by cleverly incorporating storage spaces, such as toy cubbies, benches with storage underneath and having designated areas to store thinks such as books, figurines and soft toys.

6. Crafts Table:
Regardless of space, adding a crafts table is a great idea. A staple addition to any playroom, children can use them for puzzles, assembling toys and craft projects. It provides a space for children to be creative without damaging any furniture.


7. Storage Bins:
Encourage your children to get into the habit of putting rubbish in the bin once they’ve finished playing. This way your children will be able to contribute to keeping their playroom neat and tidy, as well as teaching them valuable lessons about tidying up.

8. Comfy Furniture:
Finding furniture that is comfortable for your playroom is key. No matter the theme of your playroom, you’ll want to add soft furnishings and furniture that are also child friendly. Think along the lines of small bean bags, child-friendly chairs, fur rug and lots of cushions and large stuffed animals.

9. Nap Time Space:
A playroom doesn’t always have to be a room to play in. Creating a designated space for your children to nap in allows them to recharge before resuming their day of fun. You can create the perfect space by adding a small daybed in the corner of the room and adding large pillows and furry throwovers and blankets.

10. Personalise It:
Adding personalised elements to your playroom. Including pictures of family, or drawings done by your children is a great personalised touch to any playroom. Adding their favourite items, such as beloved soft toys or items of clothing is an effective way to make them feel as though they have ownership of the room.

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