Magic Dreamlight White Unicorn Review

A product that can assist a child in sleeping peacefully is surely worth it's weight in gold! The Magic Dreamlight is designed to do just that; a snuggly plush with integrated lights and music to help children drift to sleep. We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to review one.

The Magic Dreamlight White Unicorn

This has to be one of the snuggliest plushes out there. It is almost impossibly soft and the body has a velvety, spongy texture that makes it wonderful to cuddle! When pressed, it plays magical sounds and emits soothing, glowing and colour changing lights. 

There's something rather magical about the White Unicorn. The beautiful lights which gently change colour have a wonderfully calming effect. The unicorn's eyes are closed to indicate that she is sleeping which encourages children to associate this toy with bedtime. The unicorn also has a shimmering horn and wings as well as a rainbow mane and tail. It's glittery cheeks and feet not only look lovely, but provide children with some different sensory textures to explore. 

Magic Dreamlight

The music that the unicorn plays when switched on, helps children to make the transition from daytime to a night time so they can associate it with being calm and peaceful. The unicorn turns off automatically after 30 minutes. 

The Magic Dreamlight White Unicorn is set to be a firm favourite in our house. Who wouldn't want to fall asleep next to magical, glowing, super soft and snuggly friend? We loved it! 

Magic Dreamlight Unicorn

The Magic Dreamlight White Unicorn can be found at Smyths!

*Disclaimer: We were kindly sent one of these in exchange for an honest review.