How Online Games Can Help With Relaxation

It's fair to say that we've all been through a very turbulent 21 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We're in an age where we have an almost constant exposure to news stories. This can be via social media, through TV, through apps on our phones, from radio and via newspapers, for example. It can be really hard to switch off and unwind. Even at the end of the day when we should be settled in bed, it's all too easy to have one last check of social media and in doing so, this can then bring news stories back to our attention and to the front of our minds again. 

During the first UK lockdown, I remember being quite glued to my phone. I would check the BBC News website several times a day, would watch news bulletins in the morning and evening and would even read an online forum where people discussed the pandemic. I can honestly say that this caused a lot of stress and anxiety and I would spend many days feeling quite tense. 

One of the ways I managed to relax and distract myself was to play online games like Solitaire on my phone. I would often find that playing a couple of games would enable me to feel much more relaxed. The process of working out my next move as well as trying to beat my best score completely focused my attention, helping me to shut out the rest of the world. This allowed me to just exist in the moment, a little like mindfulness techniques which are so helpful for soothing the mind. I've always been a fan of Solitaire but over the lockdown it became my saving grace. I also discovered there's a bit of skill involved in the game- I'd always just assumed winning was solely down to luck. 

Recently I was happy to discover which has an array of different Solitaire games including Classic, Spider and Klondike to name just a few. 

I really enjoyed playing the classic version of Solitaire on the site. It works like a tonic for me, instantly helping me to unwind and relax. The cards are presented in a clear, uncluttered way so you can focus on the game at hand. I really like the satisfying clicking sounds it makes as the cards are dealt and when you make a move or shuffle through the reserve pile.  


As well as the Solitaire games, also has a selection of other fun and engaging games to play. I was keen to discover whether there were any other games that could serve to be as relaxing as I found Solitaire to be. One of my favourites on the site were the Hidden Object Games. The aim of these games are to find the hidden object, number or outline within the allocated time. I enjoyed the garden game where the aim is to find the 12 different hidden objects in the garden. A wrong guess deducts time and each right guess gets you extra points. Once you've completed the level, you then unlock a new one. The game enables you to clear your mind and focus solely on locating the items which is really relaxing. It is also accompanied by soothing music. I really enjoyed the garden game and found it peaceful focusing on the plants and flowers. 

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There are so many different games to explore at Along with a selection of card and hidden object games, there are also word games, matching games and logic puzzles to name just a few. There really is something for everyone. The games are a great way to escape and unwind the pressures of day to day life. They are engaging, interesting and lots of fun!