How to Prepare Your Child for the School Bus

As your child moves on to senior school, they may need to get to school by themselves. This can be a scary thought for both children and parents which is why we have teamed up with an independent prep school in London to share how you can prepare your child for the school bus.

school bus

Getting to Know the Area

If your child’s moving to a school that’s a little further away, it’s important to get them familiar with their surroundings. This will make for a smoother transition and help them if ever lost or in need of an alternative route as they’ll know the area like the back of their hand. This is something that you can do by going on little trips to explore the area. A fun activity to do this would be to create a map where they plot their school and any key buildings surrounding.

Test Runs
Before they are ready to go to school alone, it’s important that they have plenty of practice. For the first week, try taking them to school and back to help them get used to the route. Or if work doesn’t allow, go on a few trips here and there before they start to help them build their confidence.

Health and Safety
As buses are moving vehicles, your child will need to know the rules on how to stay safe. For example, it's best to stay seated until your stop arrives to avoid falling over and tripping.

Find Friends
Making the journey alone can be scary. Having one of their friends go with them can make the journey go by faster and seem less frightening. This is something that you can arrange by speaking to their peers' parents to see who else will be going to the same school via the same bus.

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