4 Of UK's Incredible Water Sports To Try Out In 2022

We might not have crystal clear warm seas all across the country, but if you can put on a wetsuit and are brave enough to face the cold, you will get ample options when you search for ‘water sports UK’ in your search list.

There is really no necessity to fly abroad to enjoy yourself in the water, you could reap maximum benefit out of U.K.’s many beaches, lakes and water parks that offer great sports activities. That said, outdoor activities have always been our country's favourite, so we have a certain insight when it comes to water sports activities in the UK. If you’ve always dreamt of surfing or fancy some gentle paddleboarding, here are some of the many water sports you can try in the UK!

Whitewater rafting

1. Whitewater Rafting
There are a myriad of options when it comes to white water rafting in the UK; we have everything from Olympic standard parks to wildlife rivers!

The River Blackwater on the Ireland-Northern Ireland border has an interesting route with plenty of drops and rapids, but somehow still suitable for beginners.

One of the best man-made sites is the Lee Valley White Water Centre, the London 2012 venue. It has the Olympic – course rafting experiences, for all those who are interested. Additionally, this site offers hydro speeding. If this sounds interesting, check them out today!

2. Mermaiding
This water sport is exactly how it sounds; single fin swimming has become a popular new water sport. Similar to that of a mermaid, mermaiding is where the mermaids and mermen are taught free diving, synchronised swimming and underwater breathing skills.

The first-ever host for the UK edition of Merlympics was Dorset‘s coast, organised by a team from Mayim Mermaid Academy in Bournemouth - a place that is UK’s longest-running mermaiding school.

A sister branch of this mermaiding school is located in Norwich, providing sessions every second Sunday.

The catch here is that this watersport provides specially curated monofins for people who are older than 8 - making you feel like an actual mermaid, so if you’re interested, look into it right away!

3. Camping + Canoeing
Canoe camping trips are always fun, they help you explore the secluded areas of the countryside to give you a ‘back to basics’ camping experience.

There is an amazing setup set on the River Wye from Hereford to Symonds Yat. The lush green experience of going through a river while the trees surround your way is a different experience altogether.

Here, the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley are responsible to give you that experience; a stream where you can forget your worries and just admire the green around you.

Another one in the Lake District has a one-night tailor-made Canoe experience, minimum for four people – so brace yourself for an experience that you’ll remember for a very long time.


4. Paddleboarding
From the many paddleboarding options that the UK has to offer, each one generally has one or two different angles to them that makes them unique. This is a water sport that is perfect if you’re looking for fun with a group of friends, but be careful of who you choose; they will be responsible for creating a well-balanced sort of situation for paddleboarding.

There is a perfect place in Monmouth, South Wales that offers paddleboarding for a memorable day out with your lads. It offers a giant paddleboard that can accommodate up to eight people and can help navigate the river as a team.

To Sum Up…

Outdoor activities are a great way to engage yourselves and bond with your family and friends. These activities are often popular as company team building activities for the employees to come together and know each other a bit more.

The skills of communication, dedication and responsibility are often tested when you engage in these activities, something that is very useful if you’re looking to bring some sort of closeness within your group.

It can boost your confidence, spark your employees' morale and give proper guidance to come back with different energy and enthusiasm at work the next day.

Outdoors are scientifically proven to have many benefits on your overall mental health; adhering to these can help you face the challenges that life has to offer - with utmost ease and a fresh, centred mind!

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