Loom Trainers: The Ultimate Waterproof Shoe

When it comes to outdoor clothing, we may find we give little care and attention to what we wear on our feet and yet, wearing warm and comfortable footwear is an absolute necessity. High quality footwear can ensure your feet are protected, warm, dry and comfortable which is vital to ensure you can get the maximum enjoyment out of the great outdoors! 

I was recently introduced to Loom shoes which have some amazing features making them real game changers when it comes to footwear! 

Loom shoes

100% Waterproof
Loom trainers are completely waterproof. They are made with moisture wicking technology which means your feet will be kept completely dry when you're out and about. The shoes can be fully immersed in water which means you can wear them in the rain, snow and on wet ground too. The 100% waterproof, breathable H2-Go layer keep your feet dry in all seasons and terrains making them perfect for jogging, walking, hiking or even swimming- yes really!


The shoes are made with materials that absorb and release moisture which makes them completely breathable so your feet won't feel sweaty or moist again. The shoes contain merino wool layers which are temperature regulating and not to mention, antibacterial, anti-odour and durable too. This means they are perfect for all seasons so you don't have to switch up your footwear throughout the year.

The shoes have an Excelcast sole which has been designed by podiatrists to absorb shock, protecting your feet, ankles, shins and knees on uneven and rough surfaces. The merino wool layer on the sole helps cushion your feet, helping to stabilise them whilst minimising foot pressure too. The shoes are lightweight and flexible so your feet won't feel heavy or restricted. 

Loom footwear

They also contain antimicrobial properties to destroy bacteria in sweat so you won't get any unpleasant odours after wearing them all day. 

Eco-friendly and Sustainable
If that wasn't enough, the shoes have also been crafted with care. They are created using cruelty-free materials sourced from eco-friendly farms. These sustainable practices reduce the carbon footprint of each pair made. 

Loom Shoes: the ultimate shoe experience!
Loom shoes are available for both men and women in a range of different sizes. Their simple, clean and classic design makes them so appealing and will look great teamed up with your outdoor wear. To find out more and to purchase your own, visit www.loomfootwear.com today!

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