Keeping Your Kids Safe and Secure Online

We all want what’s best for our kids. We want to make sure that they’re getting access to the best in life, learning and progressing every day, to slowly grow into a competent and well rounded human being. At the same time, we want to protect them. We want to make sure that they’re safe and they don’t see anything that is age-inappropriate or could upset or scare them. This is all part and parcel of good parenting. 

This is also, however, why so many of us struggle when it comes to managing our child’s use of the internet. Chances are, you’ve realised that the internet is a hugely powerful and inspirational source of information, educational material and entertainment for children. There are so many positive sites and safe spaces where they can learn, grow and enjoy themselves.

At the same time, the internet can be a dark and scary place, filled with threats and content that even makes adults scared and at ill ease. Finding the right way to manage your child’s time spent on online can feel difficult, it can be filled with challenges. The good thing is that, as increasing numbers of parents are struggling with knowing how to best tackle this, more resources are becoming available, aimed at helping with this conundrum. Start out by taking a look at the infographic from Kidadl below. This will get you started in the right direction towards protecting your kid online. 

Infographic Design By Kidadl

*Collaborative post