The Dad Jokes Collection By DaddiLife Books

"A burger walks into a bar.
The bartender says, 'Sorry we don't serve food here.'

Who doesn't love a good dad joke! Cheesy, daft and hilarious all rolled into one, a dad joke is the ultimate joke, guaranteed to cause an eye-roll (or two!)  

DaddiLife have just released the Dad Jokes Collection which combines their two jokes books into one, whilst also throwing in some fabulous extra bits too! This book is one that's going to be adored not just by Dad but by all the family too! 

DaddiLife Joke book

The book contains a Dad joke and a knock knock joke for every day of the year so Dad can delight the family with his hilarious quips all year round! There's nothing quite like seeing the confused look of teens and tweens who haven't quite got the punchline of a joke straight away. Once they do, they are sure to giggle or groan! Children will love this book as much as Dad and will love making the whole family giggle. 

DaddiLife joke book

The book also has a section on the science of Dad jokes, exploring just what makes the Dad joke so funny and why they are so popular. Did you know over one million people subscribe to the Dad joke Reddit page? Yep, they are as popular as ever!

The book also explores the history of the Dad joke as well as tips and tricks on performing your Dad joke or knock knock joke. You'll be practically a stand up comedian by the end of the book! 

We loved The dad Jokes Collection from DaddiLife books. It's so much fun and has bought lots of smiles and giggles into our house and for that reason, this book is worth its weight in gold.

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DaddiLife joke book

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