A Positive Birth -The Dad’s Guide To Hypnobirthing By DaddiLife Books: A Review

When I was pregnant with my third baby, I decided to turn my attention to hypnobirthing. I'd heard such amazing things about it and after two previous difficult births, I felt it certainly wouldn't have hurt to have explored it a little further. And I'm so pleased I did. My labour with my third child was one of the most magical, empowering and beautiful experiences I have ever had, I'm still on a high from it, nearly two years later. Not only did it allow me to stay calm and in control but it also meant my labour was much shorter and less painful than the previous two. I'm a huge advocate of hypnobirthing now as I've been able to experience just how powerful it has been. And so when I discovered that DaddiLife had a brand new book for dads which explores hypnobirthing, I couldn't wait to take a look. 

Due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, I didn't manage to make it to any hypnobirthing classes as they could no longer go ahead so I tried to learn as much as I could through books. Whilst these books were amazing and they helped me achieve my ideal birth, they were aimed at the mums-to-be rather than the dads and as such I didn't get my husband to read them, in fact I think to this day, he has no idea that I was using the hypnobirthing techniques during my labour. 

It can sometimes be underestimated just how important the role of the birth partner is, not only can they comfort, support and encourage the woman in labour, but they can advocate for them and empower them. A Positive Birth, The Dad's Guide to Hypnobirthing By DaddiLife Books explores this role and helps the birth partner to understand a little more of the science behind labour as well as just what the mother may be feeling and experiencing during this time. 


The book explores what hypnobirthing is and how it can help to create a positive birth experience. It arms dads with a complete toolkit for the time of the birth and leading up to it. It explores the role of the birth partner as a true advocate for the woman giving birth so that she can feel calm, relaxed and in control throughout. 

There are reflections from other dads throughout the book and this brings the book alive as you can read real experiences, thoughts and comments from dads and dads-to-be! 

The book is so thorough and will help the birth partner to feel informed, prepared and even excited for the birth! Finally a book dedicated to the birth partners who play such an important role in the birth. 

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