Made In China: A Memoir of Marriage and Mixed Babies in the Middle Kingdom by Simon Gjeroe

Made In China: A Memoir of Marriage and Mixed Babies in the Middle Kingdom by Simon Gjeroe is a fascinating account of the authors' own experiences living, working and raising a family in China. It explores the intricacies of cross-cultural marriage and parenthood, taking the reader on an amazing journey through China and its customs, rules, traditions and superstitions! The memoir is interlaced with Simon's wonderful sense of humour which makes it a joy to read and whilst you do, you'll feel like you've been embraced and welcomed into his family too. 

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The memoir pays particular attention to the experiences of pregnancy, antenatal and postnatal care in China and the traditions and superstitions that can play a part in this special time. Some of these traditions and superstitions may seem unusual from a Western perspective, for example, Simon informs the reader how anti-electromagnetic radiation aprons are sometimes purchased and worn by pregnant women to protect the developing baby and these certainly aren't readily available here in the UK or in many other countries in Europe. Simon also refers to traditions in China that we will recognise here too, for example, any expecting or new mum in the UK will probably have experienced a fair bit of unsolicited but well-meaning advice from strangers, family or friends about the pregnancy or new baby and this was certainly experienced by Simon and his wife, though it's perhaps fair to say in far more considerable amounts! 

In the memoir, Simon's love of the country clearly shines through, as does his love and devotion to his family which is beautiful to read. My interest in China has certainly been piqued and I can't wait to learn more about the the different areas, including its history, traditions and culture.

The memoir takes the reader on an utterly fascinating journey of marriage and raising a family outside of one's own culture. We perhaps usually give little thought to the differences experienced by other people throughout the world with what is at its heart, a universal experience; finding a partner and starting a family, yet, this gripping memoir will give you an all access, honest and candid account of one man's journey. And what a wonderful journey it is!

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