Aura Print Custom Made Card Games

The summer holidays are now well under way and parents across the country will no doubt have heard the words 'I'm bored' a fair few times! For children, the novelty soon wears off from being at home and away from the routine of school and this can certainly prove quite a challenge for parents, particularly as days out and about can be so expensive. Luckily Aura Print were at hand and kindly sent us a pack of Let's Play Matching Pairs- Seaside Edition which are coloured summer themed playing cards, just perfect for keeping my three children entertained!

Aura Print card game

My two eldest boys love screens but whenever they go to their Nan and Grandad's they love to play a card game with them; there's always lots of giggles! It is lovely to see how much entertainment and joy they get from just a simple card game. Not only are card games fun but they can also be educational for children. They can also develop their problem solving skills, their coordination and can improve their memory skills and patience. 

The card game sent to us by Aura Print is just lovely. It is a classic memory game and consists of colourful pictures with a summer holiday theme for example, seagulls, ice lollies and seagulls. The cards also feature the name of the item which is great to help develop children's reading skills. The card game can be played as a memory game, where the cards are placed face down and each player takes turn to find a matching pair, or can be played as a Snap game where each player places a card on the pile until a match is spotted, at which point they shout out 'snap'! You could also use them to play a game called Red Queen or Old Maid. My youngest little boy however, simply loved to look at the pictures and tell me what each item was. He also enjoyed me asking him to find a certain picture from the cards in front of him. 

Aura Print card game

I was intrigued to discover that at Aura Print you can actually make your own playing cards! You can design your own playing cards or can use their bespoke service where they design them for you. There are so many different options when it comes to designing some cards. You could try making your very own memory card game, a top trumps style game, a pack of tarot cards or you could even make your own poker cards, for example. You can also send in your own artwork and have them incorporate it on to your cards. There are a variety of different sizes available, paper types, lamination, weight/ thickness as well as the choice to have rounded corners and colour or black & white printing. There's also no limit on the amount of cards you can have per deck. You can have a custom made box for your cards too which keeps them secure and looks professional too. 

Aura Print design your own cards

We loved playing Let's Play Matching Pairs- Seaside Edition from Aura Print. It was enjoyed by all three of my little boys and certainly helped ward off some of that summer holidays boredom! 

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