Ideas to Increase the Storage in Your Bedroom

You may have heard the expression 'a tidy space leads to a tidy mind' and it's certainly true when it comes to our homes. Ensuring your bedroom in particular is a haven of calm and tranquillity is of utmost importance as it allows us to unwind, relax and sleep after a busy day. Often however, our bedrooms can become a bit of a dumping ground for items that have yet to find a place elsewhere in our homes or have yet to be sorted out, eg, piles of laundry. Here are a few ideas to help ensure you make the most out of your bedroom space.


Increase storage
Storage is key when it comes to keeping an ordered and organised bedroom. It could be as simple as buying some plastic boxes to slide under your bed or you could look at purchasing shelves, bedside cupboards or a chest of drawers, for example. However, opting for built in wardrobes in your bedroom will most certainly be the answer to all your storage desires. Not only can fitted wardrobes be seamlessly designed and tailored to your desired specifications and decor preferences but they are innovatively crafted to include hanging space, shelves and drawers to help you make the most out of your bedroom space, thus increasing your bedroom storage significantly. Overbed fitted wardrobes can also cleverly make storage space for you around your bed and bed's headboard.

The more you declutter your home, the less you will have to find a space for. By going through all your possessions and looking at what you actually have and want/need, you can begin the process of thinning out your possessions. If you don't know where to start, look to the famous KonMari Method, which helps you choose which items to keep based on how you feel about them. This method centres around the idea of only keeping the items that 'spark joy' for you. Another approach is to only keep the items that you know to be beautiful or useful to you. 

Storage units
Even after you declutter your bedroom, you may find that you still don't have enough storage space at home for all the items you want to keep or aren't prepared to cut ties with just yet. You could consider placing these items in a storage unit until you've made up your mind about what to do with them. Storage spaces can be rented for a monthly or annual fee. 

Rotate items seasonally
As the seasons change, so do the clothing and accessories you wear so it's worth considering placing any items not currently needed into storage, eg thick woolly jumpers and winter boots during spring and summer time. This could mean you carefully pack them away into the loft ready to be taken out once the season rolls round again. It's a great way of keeping your living space uncluttered and easy to navigate and you won't feel overwhelmed by all the items.

built in wardrobe

Consider your furniture carefully
Take a look at the space you have and consider what furniture will work best in the area available. For example, a child's bedroom won't need a double bed and in fact, younger children will be more than comfortable on a smaller, junior-sized bed which is great if your space is limited. If you are not sharing a room with a partner for example, you may be able to opt for a smaller bed and thus increase space for a wardrobe or shelving unit. Individual items of furniture will vary hugely in terms of the amount of storage offered, for example, a single chest of drawers may only have shallow drawers that don't allow you much room to store your items but there are plenty of other models that will offer the space you need. There are lots of second hand options in need of new homes and they can be easily upcycled to create beautiful additions to your bedroom. 

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