A World of Resources For Teachers With Creative Fabrica

Being a teacher is one of the most valuable and special jobs in the world. Being able to impart wisdom and shape the minds of children is a real honour for teachers and their work is vital in creating the minds of future! A tremendous amount of planning from teachers goes into creating their lessons and they may require worksheets and assessment sheets as an additional resource in their lessons. This helps pupils to deepen their understanding of what they are being taught. Creating worksheets from scratch is a lengthy and time-consuming task and that's where Creative Fabrica comes in! 

Creative fabrica teacher card

Creative Fabrica have a wide array of resources for teachers to help them get the resources they need for their lessons. The Teachers Club Card is a yearly subscription that gives teachers access to thousands of resources to support all aspects of the curriculum. So how does it work?

The Teacher Club Card From Creative Fabrica

The Teachers Club Card costs $2.99 per year which is an amazing bargain. This enables you to download up to five resources per week (so one per school day). There are around 12,000 resources available across the site so this is a tremendous amount to choose from, perfect for getting exactly what you need for your lesson. For example, if you needed a times tables worksheet, this could easily be downloaded, ready to use in your lesson. There are no obligations- you can simply cancel your subscription should you no longer wish to continue with it. 

What is even better is that Creative Fabrica gives back to the teachers as 100% revenue made goes directly back to the teachers offering the materials. Creative Fabrica strongly believe everyone should have access to high quality education, so much so that they don't take a cut of the revenue for the subscriptions! Teachers can upload their worksheets and can be paid for them. This is a great way to earn a little extra and other teachers will also benefit from your knowledge and creative, educational resources. It's a win win! 

Creative Fabrica is a real gem, helping to save teachers precious time whilst enhancing the quality of their lessons. 

What a great site and subscription, helping benefit teachers and of course, those amazing pupils!

To find out more and purchase your own Teachers Club Card, visit Creative Fabrica

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