DaddiLife Books- The Growth Mindset Workbook

Like any parent, being able to instil confidence and a sense of self worth in my children is of utmost importance. I'd love for them to be able to see themselves through my eyes and know how special they are. During the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, one of my boys in particular lost a lot of confidence and it has taken a little while for him to feel settled  and sure of himself. This is something we are working on with him and I'm always keen to hear of methods and approaches that could help with this. And so I was delighted to hear about the new release from DaddiLife Books- The Growth Mindset Workbook. This book helps children to overcome challenges, to learn the skills of problem solving and to practice resilience.

DaddiLife book

The workbook is a gem. It contains 60 activities for children to work through and a 7 day journal for them to document their thoughts, intentions and progress. The book helps children to learn all about their own mind, giving them a little insight into how it all works. They are also given help and advice on overcoming challenges and how to approach mistakes. The activities also help them to understand how to be a great problem solver as well as how to embrace and have the confidence to try new things. It also helps them to look at what they would like to do and who they would like to be and the steps they can take to get there. 

Once of the most important aspects of this book is how it helps children to know their own worth, to speak to themselves with kindness and compassion and so have the confidence to be themselves and to take the path they wish to. 

I was really impressed with this book. It features bright illustrations and graphics and is laid out in a really accessible way in manageable chunks which is great for keeping children engaged. 

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