Potty Training Tips!

Are you wondering whether it is time to start potty training your child? Potty training is a milestone that you may be keen for your child to reach but it's important to ensure your little one is ready to start the process. In time, and with lots of encouragement and support from you, your toddler will be ready to say goodbye to nappies and begin the next stage of being toilet trained. Here are a few tips for starting potty training. 

Are they ready? 
There are a few key factors that can indicate your child may be ready for potty training. Firstly, they may notice they have a wet or dirty nappy. They may communicate this to you and may also mention that they need to go or are currently going! They will also tend to go at least 1 hour between wet nappies. 

Introduce the potty
Explaining to your child what the potty is for and letting them see, touch and sit on it will help them get used to the idea prior to starting to use it. Explain to your child what it is for too. Your child might also like to pick their very own potty from the shop which will be really exciting for them. Look for a potty that is comfortable, sturdy and easy to clean like the BabyBj√∂rn Smart Potty.

smart potty

Starting potty training
Be sure to leave the potty where they can see it and then gently encourage them to use it after meal times or at any point where it looks like they need to go or they are communicating to you that they do. If your child doesn't quite make it there on time then no worries, they can try again next time. If they do manage it make sure they get tonnes of praise- they'll be super proud of themselves and will be keen to do it again next time. Your child may like to read books or play with toys whilst sat on the potty to encourage them to try a little longer. 

Pull up pants
Whilst not essential for potty training, pull-up pants can often support the process. They are not as absorbent as nappies so your child will learn that they are wet. Your child will also begin to learn how to pull the pants up and down which gets them ready for wearing real pants!

Wait until your child is dry in the day before introducing night-times. This often takes a little longer as your child will be asleep and often unaware they are going. Once your child starts to become dry in the mornings or only slightly wet, this is a good time to try. Using waterproof sheets and washable protectors helps to protect the mattress. 

Do you have any potty training tips? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!