How To Put Together The Perfect New Baby Gift Box

If you’re looking for a way to show your love, and support to a new parent in your life, a baby gift box makes a lovely declaration of how much you care. The one thing all the best new baby gifts have in common? They’re thoughtful. Let’s take a look at how to put together a thoughtful gift box that will genuinely delight the new mum who receives it.

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1. Pick your budget
Whatever your budget, there are plenty of ways to create a baby gift box to make a new mama feel loved and to celebrate the birth of their little one. Picking your budget simply helps guide where you shop and how many items you can afford to pop inside your bundle. Don’t be put off if you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of amazing second-hand baby finds to be found with apps like Vinted.

2. Decided on a theme they’ll love

Next up, pick a theme. Choosing a theme is a fab way to make your box more personal. You can theme the box around the parents' favourite interests or pick a certain colour scheme you know they’ll love, making the box more visually appealing too. You could also theme your gift box around supporting a certain aspect of newborn life - such as travelling, weaning, new mum self-care or baby milestones.

Here’s what these themes might look like:

● A travel-themed baby gift box - a rear view baby mirror, a car seat toy, a travel blanket

● A milestone-themed baby gift box - a milestone record book, a trinket box, a height chart wall sticker

● A weaning-themed baby gift box - a book on weaning, a spoon set, a bib ● An animal-themed baby gift box - an animal print vest, an animal soft toy, a farm-themed board book

● A colour-themed baby gift box - a muslin, baby booties, a box of chocolate for mum, all in their favourite colour

● A rainbow-themed baby gift box - a rainbow print onesie, a rainbow nursery wall hanging, a brightly coloured baby toy.

3. Choose something for immediately, something for later
Here comes the fun bit! Picking what’s inside. The best newborn baby gifts include an immediate treat for parent and/or baby, plus something that can get more long-term use out of. For example, you might include a gorgeous baby grow for now, and some wooden toys for toddlerhood. Or some organic nappy cream for now, and some beautiful booties for their first steps! Use your theme to guide you and have fun choosing.

Here are some ideas to start you off....

Gifts for mum or baby to enjoy immediately:

● Newborn baby clothes

● Newborn sized nappies

● Baby blanket

● Newborn toys (newborn safe cuddlies, dangly pushchair toys)

● Newborn skincare items (nappy cream, moisturiser, bath bubbles)

● New mum skincare (nipple cream, moisturisers, dry shampoo)

● A breastfeeding top

● Edible treats for mum

● Food vouchers for parents (Deliveroo / Uber, frozen food like COOK)

● Wall art or decorative items for the nursery

Gifts to enjoy later:

● Baby clothes to grow into

● Board books / picture books

● Toddler shoes

● A gift card to buy clothes or baby essentials

● Toys for when they’re 6-12 months

● Teether toys or amber jewellery

● A homemade babysitting voucher!

4. Find the right box
Finally, it’s time to pick a gift box or basket that will fit everything neatly inside. You’ll want to choose something which allows you to present your treats beautifully and keeps everything in one place for when your recipient is ready to deal with what’s inside. Something that can be easily opened and closed, rather than something that needs to be torn open and then immediately recycled is a good idea - that's a job no tired new parent wants to face.

If you’re on a budget or want to keep things sustainable, you could wrap a shoe box in beautiful wrapping paper. Or you choose a decorative storage box that can be re-used to store baby clothes or toys after use.

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This is a guest post from Cotswold Baby Co. an online kids & family lifestyle store specialising in animal-themed clothes & gifts, like their adorable unisex new baby gift boxes.

*Collaborative post