Oasis: Into the Wild 2023 - Pass & Other Things to Know

"Dance somewhere different," beckons the Oasis Festival's teaser on its website. Indeed, there's no place more distinct or exotic than the northwest tip of Africa's Sahara Desert, where the ancient Moroccan city of Marrakech stands. Known as the city of entertainment, Marrakech hosted the inaugural Oasis Festival in September 2015, and it's poised to do so again.


Tips on getting into festivals
Getting into festivals can sometimes be daunting. Here are a few concise tips on getting into festivals:

1. Plan Ahead:

· Check festival dates and ticket release schedules in advance.

· Set a reminder for ticket sales to ensure you're among the first to buy.

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8. Follow Rules and Guidelines:

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· Ensure you have the required identification and necessary items. You can find more strategies for getting into festivals here.

The beginning of Oasis
The festival came to life amidst the serene landscape of the boutique Fellah Hotel, a sprawling 27-acre oasis next to the majestic Atlas Mountains. The grounds were adorned with cacti, palms, and towering agave plants. Later, the event relocated to The Source, a private resort and spa boasting stage-side swimming pools that beckoned festival-goers. These intimate dancefloors pulsed with energy, an atmospheric theatre, lush gardens, and breathtaking vistas of the nearby Atlas Mountains.

In 2015, the festival showcased a stellar line-up with headliners like DJ Harvey and Guy Gerber. Spread across two stages, the event also featured renowned artists such as Ellen Allien, Derrick

Carter, Carl Craig, Adriatique, Axel Boman, and DJ Tennis. Attendees revelled in back-to-back sessions that paired Cassy with iINI, Matthew Dear with Gerber, Fairmont with ChloƩ, Secret 47 with Kali.G, and a mesmerizing three-way performance by Mar1, Unes, and Artunique.

The Oasis Festival promises not only a unique dance experience but also a journey into the heart of Marrakech's vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes. It's an event where music, nature, and exoticism converge, creating an unforgettable fusion of sounds and sights that will transport you to a world unlike any other.

Inspired by the Desert
Marjana Jaidi, the visionary behind the festival, has a unique connection to Marrakech. Being of half-Moroccan descent and having frequented Marrakech during her childhood, she initially contemplated creating an event reminiscent of Miami's Winter Music Conference and Ultra. However, her perspective underwent a profound transformation during a return trip to Morocco.

Upon revisiting Morocco, Jaidi realized her desire for Oasis to authentically embody the region's distinctive culture and charm. She was determined to curate a line-up that celebrated emerging and avant-garde artists rather than solely relying on established big names. 

In her own words, Jaidi shared her vision for the festival with festivalinsights.com, stating, "Darren James Thomas curated the line-up here, and he did an exceptional job. We aimed for an intellectually stimulating and forward-thinking line-up that doesn't veer towards the overly commercial."

This shift in perspective underscores the festival's commitment to honouring the essence of Marrakech while providing a platform for cutting-edge artists, making Oasis a truly distinctive and culturally rich experience for all attendees.

The carefully selected artists set the stage in a relaxed environment, a fusion of "Moroccan culture and hipster design aesthetics," as described by Afar. The focal point of the Desert Oasis booth offers a captivating view of the expansive pool, transforming the gathering into a grand pool party.

The Bamboo Arena, serving as the secondary stage, finds its home amidst clusters of towering bamboo trees. Within this natural landscape, cabana-like arrangements of ottomans, plush pillows, and inviting chaise lounges are nestled, allowing revellers to recline comfortably while absorbing the melodies. Amidst this musical backdrop, street artists craft spontaneous masterpieces, and henna artists adorn festival-goers' bodies with intricate designs.

For those seeking respite, the festival offers a range of rejuvenating experiences, including yoga and massages. An on-site spa incites attendees to steal away for a moment of pampering and relaxation.

As the sun gracefully descends, the festival site transforms into a luminous wonderland, with artful lighting casting enchanting hues upon buildings and foliage. One reviewer aptly noted that the ambiance lives up to its name, "The scene resembled an after-party in Ibiza, and the atmosphere was consistently relaxed and joyous." This confluence of music, art, and nature creates an unforgettable oasis where attendees can unwind and revel in the magic of the moment.

All-Around Exotica
There are many factors that make Oasis one of the most memorable music festivals in Morocco. The blend of modern coolness and timeless culture permeating The Source also characterizes the city of Marrakech. Here, the rhythm of dance clubs begins to throb around midnight, carrying on until the break of dawn. Yet, the city's most captivating allure lies within the labyrinthine alleys and hidden corners of the walled medina.

At the heart of Marrakech's bustling medina lies the vibrant Djemaa el Fna marketplace, which hums with a thousand bees' energy. This lively square is a symphony of musicians, dancers, acrobats, storytellers, comedians, and other street performers, all contributing to an exhilarating cacophony of entertainment. Surrounding them are market stalls overflowing with exquisite crafts, aromatic spices, and delectable local delicacies, creating a sensory tapestry that captivates the soul.

The festival's enchanting Secret Souk, a vibrant marketplace, was thoughtfully crafted to immerse festival-goers in Morocco's kaleidoscopic culture. Here, amid authentic culinary delights and local treasures, visitors could absorb the essence of the place without straying far from the music's embrace.

The hotel boasts a farm-to-table restaurant, sourcing its food from an educational farm on the premises. Guests are invited to partake in rustic activities such as goat-milking and egg-collecting, connecting with the earth in a meaningful way. Additionally, the establishment maintains an inviting library and arts centre, where resident artists inspire creative exploration. There's even a whimsical treehouse for those young at heart to explore.

While the rooms at The Source are typically reserved for festival staff and talent, numerous nearby hotels offer enticing packages. These packages often include tickets to the festival, accommodations, convenient festival shuttles, and delightful extras like breakfast, ensuring that festival-goers can make the most of their experience in this captivating setting.

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