Practical Uses for Plywood Within Your Home

If you are looking to embark upon some DIY tasks during the spring and summer then you may have turned your attention to sourcing the best materials for the project in hand. Plywood is a durable, sturdy and cost effective material that offers many opportunities in terms of construction or interior design. In terms of construction, it is often used for subflooring, roofing, and wall sheathing. Plywood provides stability and support to the structure being built. Additionally, it can be easily cut and shaped to fit specific dimensions, making it an ideal choice for creating custom structures and for DIY projects.


When sourcing plywood for your DIY project or construction project, Nationwide Supplies plywood will have just what you are looking for. They supply two types of high-quality plywood: WBP (Weather and boil proof) plywood and marine-grade plywood. They stock WBP plywood in thicknesses ranging from 3.66mm to 25mm and marine-grade plywood in 12mm and 18mm thicknesses. WBP plywood is made from multiple layers of cross-laminated hardwood veneers. Each layer is glued together using waterproof WBP glue which means it is weatherproof even from adverse weather conditions. This means that WBP plywood is most commonly used for exterior use, for example in construction projects but it can also be used for interior projects, like panelling and shelving. You can then customise the plywood to suit using stain, paint or sanding. Marine grade plywood is similar to WBP plywood consisting of several veneer layers. Marine plywood offers strength and durability. It meets marine insurers requirements which means this wood is ideal for use in the boat and ship building industries.

There are many ways plywood can be used within the home for DIY projects. The durability of the material and cost make this material a great option. Here are just a few ways plywood can be used within the home. 

Plywood can be a very practical and cost effective material for building furniture. Plywood can be used for almost all furniture projects from custom built dressers to wardrobes, bookcases, shelving units and much more. 

Plywood is great for making cabinets for use within kitchens or bedrooms, for example. Once the cabinet is made, it is easy to customise it in your chosen colour and finish to compliment the d├ęcor of your home.  

General Projects
Due to its versatility, plywood is great for a range of DIY home projects. This could include creating rabbit hutches, storage boxes, ramps, crates and shelves and much, much more.

Plywood is an incredibly versatile material with many applications within your home. Its strength, durability and low cost make it the ideal material when it comes to achieving any DIY tasks within your home from unique and innovative designs to those practical and functional items that make life that little bit easier! 

*Collaborative post.