Stylish and Sustainable Pyjamas From IDENTITY LINGERIE

I was recently introduced to IDENTITY LINGERIE and I couldn't wait to share this incredible brand with you. IDENTITY LINGERIE is a small family-run sustainable business founded by Igor and Diana in 2017. Diana is a former model and understood the demand of having to fit into a certain beauty standard box and so she decided to create her own brand that would be more inclusive of different shapes and sizes, helping women to feel empowered. IDENTITY LINGERIE feature a range of garments that are available in a variety of sizes and what's more, can be customised to your required specifications. This enables customers to find that perfect fit, tailored to their own body which celebrates it uniqueness and individuality

The company prides itself on being sustainable, using a multitude of zero waste practices. I was fascinated to discover that they have an on-demand production service which eliminates overstocking items. Not only that, but they upcycle fabric remnants to create beautiful hair accessories which means nothing goes to waste.

Sustainable and Ethical

I was keen to discover a little more about their sustainable practices. Here are some of the ways they practice sustainable and ethical methods within the company...

• They transform fabric remnants into hair accessories and packaging pouches as well as smaller pieces for button production. The hair accessories are made from 100% remnants and non-refurbishable returns to prevent waste.

• Old stock fabric and leftovers are donated to Ukrainian charities who produce linens and undergarments for use in hospitals. They are also used for military camouflage nets.

• They create timeless pieces over fast fashion trends to prevent fabric waste. They also limit the amount of collections they produce each year, focusing on high-quality garments.

• They produce garments in frequent, small batches to meet demand reducing the detrimental effects of mass manufacturing.

• When they have a new collection, they create it in small volumes at first, whilst assessing customer response. This reduces the risk of overstocking.

• They pride themselves in timeless, long-lasting, carry-over designs like these ladies short pyjamas, creating staple pieces that will be worn time and time again.

• They refrain from disposing returns and will delicately refurbish them.

• Biodegradable and recyclable materials are used for delivering the garments.

I was thrilled to be kindly sent the navy satin pyjamas. I was so excited to receive these. They looked so beautiful and elegant on the website, I couldn't wait to see if they were as special up close. 

silk pyjamas

The pyjamas arrived in sustainable packaging which could be recycled. The pyjamas were encased in a gorgeous silky pouch too which can be repurposed. 

The pyjamas did not disappoint. They are made with silky satin which feels luxurious to the touch and it is clear they have been created with care and attention to detail. There is piping detail and a chest pocket too which looks so sophisticated. The trousers are high waisted to ensure they feel comfortable and cosy. 

silk pyjamas

The pyjamas feel so soft and silky against the skin which makes for a wonderful night's sleep. Anyone with little children will know that any product that helps you get a better night's sleep is worth its weight in gold! 

The pyjamas come in a variety of different sizes and you can also opt to have them made to your individual specifications for that perfect fit. 

pyjamas silk

The pyjamas are durable, high quality and long-lasting too making them a real treat.

I've been so impressed with my pyjamas from IDENTITY LINGERIE, they are so beautiful. It's rare to find a company that truly and passionately care about the environment and reducing their carbon footprint but IDENTITY LINGERIE have made sustainability a real focus, which makes purchasing one of their lovely items even more special!

*Collaboration: I was kindly gifted these pyjamas in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.